Digisol expands its switches portfolio


Digisol Systems has extended its switches portfolio with the launch of DG-FS1006PF, a six port Fast Ethernet PoE unmanaged switch. The device supports four PoE Ports and two Uplink Ports. The switch also features CCTV mode which allows to extend ethernet connectivity upto 250m on PoE ports with VLAN support, perhaps making it an ideal choice for surveillance requirement.

The DG-FS1006PF Switch offers 6 x10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet ports with 4 Power over Ethernet ports. These PoE ports are IEEE 802.3af and IEEE 802.3at compliant and can supply PoE Power to PoE devices. The existing ethernet cables can be used to power up IEEE 802.3af/ 802.3at compliant network devices. This eliminates the need of an external power source and power cabling for such devices. The switch provides flexibility to users for connecting a PoE or non PoE device. The PoE devices connected to switch can be easily identified by the separate PoE LED status indicators.

To ensure maximum uptime for data and power transfer, the switch offers backplane capacity of 1.2Gbps, while the data transfer is at an average of 200Mbps per port at full duplex mode. This allows every node to perform at their maximum performance.

The plug-and-play feature of DG-FS1006PF saves customers’ time and resources when it comes to installing the device. It’s auto-negotiation and auto-sensing feature makes the configuration simple, and enables deployment of security solutions quick. Additionally, its Auto MDI/MDI-X feature eliminates the need of using a crossover cable or dedicated uplink port. These features enable the switch to operate out of the box without any manual configuration.

The device comes with a toggle button that allows customers to switch to CCTV mode. Under this mode, ports 1-4 will be isolated from each other but can communicate with uplink port 5-6. At the same time, it will set ports 1-4 to full 10Mbps speed and can extend ethernet connectivity up to 250m which can help extend the distance without adding additional switch or repeater to install the device at higher distance.


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