AET displays hosted Envision Brilliance Partner Meet 2024 in Bengaluru


AET LED Displays recently hosted the highly anticipated AET Envision Brilliance Partner Meet 2024 in Bengaluru on April 20th at Citadel Sarovar Portico. The event drew a crowd of over 150 attendees, including distributors, SI partners, ground staff including sales representatives, pre-sales, after-sales personnel, government officials, corporate partners, and AV partners.

The day-long event featured comprehensive product introductions, in-depth training sessions, and highlighted AET’s previous works, emphasising mutual growth opportunities. Mr. Su Piow Ko, CEO at AET LED Displays India, delivered a keynote address, reaffirming AET’s vision and mission to the audience.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Su Piow Ko, CEO at AET LED Displays India, expressed, “In India, there’s a growing readiness across industries to embrace digital transformation, with LED displays becoming indispensable for tasks like data analysis, monitoring, and advertising. We’re keen to seize this opportunity. Unlike other OEM LED Manufacturers in India, we’re committed to establishing our assembly line as part of the Make in India initiative, thereby not only providing employment opportunities but also bolstering the local economy. We are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead as we continue to collaborate and drive mutual growth with our partners in the Indian market. Our aim is to solidify our position among the top 3 players in the LED display segment in India in coming years.”

Mr. Prashant Srivastav, Head of Marketing – India, stated, “Hosting the AET Envision Brilliance Partner Meet 2024 in Bengaluru was a momentous occasion for us. It was an opportunity to engage with our valued partners, showcase our latest innovations, and reaffirm our commitment to delivering excellence in LED display solutions.”

Various sessions were tailored for different stakeholders, including Q&A sessions, feedback sessions, and round table discussions with key members in the boardroom. In the evening session, AET honoured its esteemed partners with an award program, recognising their outstanding contributions and dedication. Additionally, the company unveiled the AET Spark program ( Strategic Partner Alliance and Resource Kit ), aimed at fostering strategic partnerships and providing valuable resources such as certification, marketing collateral, and dedicated resource kit for after-sales and pre-sales activities.

AET Displays has rapidly expanded its presence nationwide. With over 50 products available, more than 2000 installations across the country, and a network of over 80 partners and distributors, AET is committed to providing comprehensive coverage and support to its customers. In addition, AET strategically operates an assembly plant, three offices, three customer experience centres, and five service centres across the country, guaranteeing extensive coverage and support for its clientele.


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