​Almond announces the acquisition of Amossys and strengthens its position in cyber-security


Almond, a leading independent French company providing audit and consultancy services in the field of cyber-security, C​​loud, and Infrastructures, acquires 100% of Amossys’ shares.

Founded in 2007, Amossys is a company providing consultancy and expertise in the field of cyber-security, enabling companies and public authorities to evaluate and improve the security level of their computer systems. With over 60 engineers, experts in cyber-security, Amossys serves about 100 companies and other organisations, in a wide variety of sectors – defence, aerospace, the public sector, healthcare, banking, transportation, telecommunications, energy, etc. – and has an annual turnover of almost six million euros.

Amossys is recognised as being one of the leading companies for the evaluation of cyber-security products. It was the first and only independent evaluator to be certified by the ANSSI (the French national agency for the security of information systems) and qualified to carry out security evaluations as part of the CSPN (First Level Security Certification), and according to the Common Criteria (CC).

The heart of the Amossys business model is its R&D department, consisting of a top-level testing laboratory with highly-qualified staff – including eight PhD – and funded by public bodies (ANR, Bpifrance).

Located in Rennes, a major cyber-security hub, Amossys bears the recommendation or certification from various French organisations: ANSSI, eIDAS, datadock, COFRAC, “Autorité Nationale des Jeux”, “TI Sécurité Certification” …

For Almond, supported by the APAX Partners investment fund since 2021, this major operation will significantly increase its service offer in the field of cyber-security, enhancing its deliveries capacities thanks to a significant increase in its cyber-consultants’ staff, and strengthening its presence in western France. Almond thereby reaches a critical size: about 400 experts can now cover all of its clients’ needs and about €60m of turnover. The operation means that a new operational and commercial synergy can be created, productivity can be increased, and Almond’s ability to deal with the most sought-after services will be strengthened. With this acquisition, Almond gains a strong position in the public sector, touching on issues of sovereignty regarding technology and security.

“Amossys complements Almond perfectly in terms of its experienced team, its technologies, and the services it offers. We are delighted to welcome Christophe Dupas, Frédéric Rémi and all the Amossys staff. They will enable us to make greater inroads into the field of defence and the public sector. This operation is confirmation of France’s leadership cyber-security.” – Jean-François Aliotti and Olivier Pantaleo, co-Directors of Almond.

“We are proud to join Almond and its staff and, together, to become a leader in the cyber-security sector. Our staff is looking forward to serving Almond’s international clientele, and to having Amossys’ R&D put to use in furthering the ambitions of the group. We are reaching a critical size which will considerably strengthen our position in the defense and public sector markets where Amossys is already a major player.” – Christophe Dupas and Frédéric Rémi, President and Managing Director of Amossys.

“The acquisition of Amossys is totally in line with Almond’s strategy. They share a strong technical culture and Amossys brings an opening to the public sector, which is an important direction for the group to take.” – Bérenger Mistral, partner at Apax Partners



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