Array Networks contributes to 100 Smart Cities Mission: Supports application and data-access coherence


Array Networks Inc today announced its full-fledged support towards transforming the Smart Cities landscape in India. Supporting the ‘100 Smart Cities Mission’ initiative by the Union Government of India, Array Networks is currently involved in various stages of Smart Cities implementation for multiple cities in India. Smart Cities projects have contributed to Array’s growth rate in 2019 by 40 percent. By the end of 2020, Array aims to be part of 20 more Smart Cities to continue the growth momentum.

Technology is the foundation of Smart Cities & Array Networks is committed to this transformation. Rising urbanization and growing demand for better citizen services are the commonest concerns plaguing India today. The Smart Cities Mission in India needs cost-effective landscapes supported by technology and sustainable frameworks to help meet the objectives. Cities in India need to tackle important issues such as basic sanitation, public transport, clean water, and effective waste management. The traditional approach of managing and maintaining the cities must change – both in mindset as well as in the way they are administered. Data needs to be used effectively in each stage of decision making.

“Array Networks has a strong presence in the Indian market and supports application and data-access coherence needed for Smart Cities,” said Manish Gautam, Managing Director – India at Array Networks. Our Products help Smart Cities transform and accelerate their applications, gain agility and has a range of products with functionalities such as next-gen firewalls, application delivery controllers, WAFs, IDS/IPS, DDoS and more.”

“We are cognizant of the fact that the government’s push towards digitalization and investment in public infrastructure would require robust network infrastructure to improve citizen experience and we are committed to Smart Cities program for achieving this,” he further added.

Smart Cities hold a lot of promise when it comes to leveraging IT to achieve sustainable goals. Array has tremendous potential in India to build an effective ecosystem to enable burgeoning urban areas to become smart by leveraging digital technology & create employment and contribute to economic growth and Array Networks is committed to help cities transform.

Smart Cities need robust IT infrastructure & dynamic control systems coupled with analytics, to predict and provision the resources intelligently. Array Networks supports India’s Smart Cities program by addressing challenges in the transformation from a traditional city in becoming a Smart City by using ICT for governance planning, infrastructure, and citizen services.


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