AVerMedia unveils two credit-card sized AVerAI Carrier Boards for AI Edge Computing application


AVerMedia, an NVIDIA Jetson Preferred Solution Provider since 2018, who has very actively invested in building AI ecosystem and the various AI edge-computing solutions for the market of the software and hardware integration, today launched two credit-card-sized Aver AI carrier boards which can fully support NVIDIA Jetson Tegra, Nano, and Xavier NX modules. With the compact dimensions, the state-of-the-art design for reliable field application, and the rich I/O functions, EN715-AA00 and EX715-AA00 carrier boards are the best cost-effective choices for A IoT edge-computing in the intelligent video analytics applications of Smart Retail, Smart Camera, and Smart City.

AVerMedia AVerAI carrier board EX715-AA00 is designed in the same size (87mm x 50mm) as NVIDIA Jetson TX1/TX2/TX2i modules. The 2nd carrier board EN715-AA00 is slightly wider than EX715-AA00, with a width of 60mm. EX715 works with the TX1/TX2/TX2i module and EN715 is the 1st carrier board in the world to work with the Nano module and Xavier NX module just announced by NVIDIA. These two boards can operate in the temperature range of 0°C ~ 70°C perfectly for the operating environment with limited space. The compact form factors and the rich I/O functions of EX715 and EN715 also greatly improve the flexibility to adapt to various applications and reduce the time to market in launching AI solutions.

AVerMedia is dedicated to developing both fan and fan less thermal design and technology for NVIDIA Jetson Tegra, Nano, and Xavier™ modules to meet the environmental challenges. AVerMedia provides the total embedded solution for multiple applications to improve the performance and flexibility for time to market. Software developers not only can design AI software on AVerMedia embedded systems but also can market the software with the system as a complete solution. This approach can help to simplify the efforts and the processes of system integration to launch their AI solution into the market. In addition to the key design, technology, and system integration, AVerMedia also provides high-quality customization services.

As the PREFERRED solution provider by NVIDIA, AVerMedia provides technical support in 24 hours for the project success of our partners. In addition to the support on the entire series of NVIDIA Jetson Tegra, Nano, and AGX Xavier modules, AVerMedia can integrate its Mini-PCIe/M.2 video capture cards into Jetson systems. This can greatly help to expand the adoption of video input sources to SDI, HDMI, and A/V signal interfaces, except USB camera, IP camera, and MIPI camera. AVerMedia also aims to provide one-stop shopping customization services, including H/W, PCB, chassis, BSP, driver, and ID/ME/UI design services.


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