​Cisco India make WebEx more localized, affordable and scalable for small scale business users

Daisy Chittilapilly, President, Cisco India & SAARC

 ​​The new starter pack at Rs 555 per month, is about 50% lower than its previous price

As several companies are relocating to hybrid work, Collaboration player WebEx by Cisco has made fresh investments to strengthen its foothold in the highly competitive market because of the presence of WeChat Work, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Slack.

The company believes the locally dedicated WebEx infrastructure will lower operating costs, increase technical efficiencies, and enable Cisco to provide India-specific pricing for customers. Furthermore, the data center will allow Cisco to partner with more start-ups, customers, partners, and service providers in India and bring new innovations to market faster.​  With this investment Cisco India, is looking to capture a growing market that is expected to reach over USD 250 million in India by 2025.Cisco has seen a subsequent rise in preference for hybrid work across sectors, with WebEx in India consistently recording the second-highest usage after the U.S. since March 2020.

Daisy Chittilapilly, President, Cisco India & SAARC said, “India has been the largest consumption market for WebEx outside US, in the first phase of the pandemic we saw massive adoption, the second half of Pandemic was plateaued and then we thought it stick there but in the last 12 months the usage has gone up again. So the WebEx business has grown over 20% for us in India since March 2020.​ She  further added, “We believe the presence in India will give us the agility that we need to move either way, but we will always be compliant. Whatever the government needs in terms of compliance norms, we will be there.”

Sandeep Mehra, Managing Director, Collaboration, APJC, Cisco informed, “We have created flexibility in terms of our platform to deeply integrate with all other platforms such as Teams and Zoom meetings. We are helping drive hybrid work at scale by removing all complexity that customers are facing.​”

Cisco India is a first OTT player with a license and a dedicated full stack infrastructure for collaboration in the country from a scale perspective at a special price of INR 555/- per month as its startup starter pack. ​​The new starter pack is about 50% lower than its  previous price.​ ​

On the future of Work, Singapore based Mehra said, “Hybrid work is not going to see a sort of reversal. I mean, there’s so many stats, we’ve done a hybrid work study. Three or four employees actually say this is the way that they will operate. 95% of companies have said hybrid work is something that they’re aligning to. We found 98% of all meetings will have somebody who is going to be remote. So all this basically points to the fact that hybrid work is here to stay. It needs a very different way that companies need to think about it.​”


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