Enterprises need application security as watchdog against dominating cyber threats


By Nikhil Taneja, VP & MD Radware – India, the Middle East and South Asia

Data breaches and cyber-attacks have increasingly become a worry for organisations accommodating to the digital world. The businesses facing such breaches and attacks are losing customer confidence and trust, denting their brand image. Organizations are looking for security solutions that can fight against cyber-attacks as they fear losing confidential data to threat actors. According to a statistic, it was found that 82% of vulnerabilities were located in applications’ code. Organizations must fortify their applications whether Bespoke, COTS, Cloud Native or Cloud Ready with an effective application security measure that ensures customer retention while also providing a competitive business advantage.

Cyberattacks disrupt business functioning, causing downtime and crashes, making applications, internal networks and systems unavailable. In the digital business, a few seconds of downtime leads to enormous productivity and losses. With a well-strategized app security program, such attacks can be prevented. A robust security program includes frequent backups, regular updates, a properly secured application onboarding process and a strong incident response plan that prevents users from cyber-attacks. Even if attacks do happen with the help of such a security program businesses can recover quickly and effectively from the attack.

Digital transformation involves new processes, methodologies, workflows, transformed ways of working and other significant changes to business functioning. These transformations aim at faster and safer delivery of digital products to customers. With strong security, organisations can enable digital transformation initiatives and innovation seamlessly. Application security can help organizations protect all kinds of applications used by internal and external stakeholders including customers, business partners and employees. There are different kinds of AppSec tools for serving unique purposes. Some solidify coding changes, others keep an eye out for coding threats and some will establish PII, Credit Card or other Business critical data classification and encryption.

Benefits organisations will gain from using Application Security:

  • Enhanced Layers of Security:

Application security vendors can provide layered protection with continuous vulnerability assessments and extensive security procedures, which are far more vital to defend from the ever-increasing cybersecurity landscape. To protect the data, organisations need to employ cybersecurity risk management best practices and implement security standards. They also need access to Anti-Malware, password managers, good application firewalls, and DNS Security. The application security will aid organisations by meeting these needs. It will also ensure that the assets are protected from internal employee mistakes, which can cause massive breaches.

  • Cyber Threat Remediation:

To run with the swift pace of application development, it is common to use automated tools for vulnerability assessment. Unfortunately, the scans also report false alarms along with legitimate vulnerabilities. The security service providers are equipped with intelligent scanners and manually investigate the reported alarms to ensure zero false positives. The security experts will give organisations proper cyber threat remediation, resulting in critical security alerts that are addressed directly without wasting time on false positives.

  • Boost Customer Confidence and Win their Trust:

AppSec solutions maintain the security process up to date that complies with the standard industry regulations. The application security will provide not just security services and a third-party audit, which is a key factor to build trust with the customers. This is to show that organisations care about security and are engaging with special experts to take measures proactively.

  • Offer Adequate Scalability:

The application security offers scalability which is a major factor that many organisations decide to outsource. The security providers offer a solution, which adapts to the changing needs of the businesses. They offer each client solutions that support the needs to accommodate more users, higher network traffic, more power and hardware. With an optimal mix of services, products and support, they offer organisations an appropriate solution that ensures the working of the solution even when the business grows.

Preventive approaches have too many restrictive checks and balances that hinder innovation and business agility. Application security companies will offer organisations to fight against the cyber-threats effectively and securely. The solution will monitor the networks and system, recommending the necessary technologies and policies. As a result, users can focus on their core business activities and make better products and services for the organization.



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