Cloud4C bolsters growth with geo-expansion

Sridhar Pinnapureddy, Chairman, CtrlS & Cloud4C

Cloud4C is investing in advanced consulting capabilities on AWS, plus DevOps and automation for tapping a few hundred global customers in the next 12 months

Cloud4C, a CtrlS group company is one of the leading cloud managed service providers, with strong capabilities across cloud migration to hyperscalers, hybrid cloud, cloud managed services, IT modernisation services, disaster recovery services and managed security services, is looking to expand its partnership with AWS for cloud opportunities.

Cloud4C is a cloud managed services provider with key strategic partnerships with SAP, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, while it brings its own public cloud platform.

In five years of operations, it has now reached 130 to 140 million USD. Cloud4C is the only cloud company from India which has made its footprint across 25 countries worldwide in 50 locations and serves 60 of the Fortune 500 global multinationals. The company plans to expand its geographical footprint to 80 countries and 160 locations worldwide in the next 36 to 48 months.

Currently, Cloud4C has 23 live customers on AWS, and 100 plus opportunities that they are jointly working on in India. It is likely to sign a few hundred customers in the next 12 months globally. That’s the relationship that Cloud4C enjoys with AWS. The launch of Amazon Outposts in India is another milestone in AWS history because it opens up new markets for public players and companies can get the benefits of public cloud, and yet at the same time security of private cloud.

Speaking exclusive to CRN India, Sridhar Pinnapureddy, Founder and CEO, Cloud4C, says, “We are AWS Advanced Consulting Partner (APN), we have developed a lot of bundled solutions on AWS, whether it is SAP, complete managed SAP service, including AMS migration, the whole package as a platform, as a service on SAP. We’ve done banking cloud bundled on AWS with AWS Outposts, which means that the banks and regulated industries who are not able to utilise public cloud because of regulatory requirements now can use AWS Outposts along with our bundled service. A huge funnel has been generated in the last few months, with over 100 opportunities. Currently, we are working on the joint funnel and on the other side we are investing in advanced consulting capabilities on AWS, plus DevOps and automation capabilities. It’s a unique partnership with extensive benefits for the customer.”

Expansion plans

Cloud4C employs 2000 people, and are planning to add another 700 or 800 personnel in the next one year. In terms of growth rate, it expects to continue to grow over 40 per cent, year after year. It has appointed as many as six new country managers in the last three to four months. The company has appointed country managers in the Middle East, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and South America. Another recent milestone, the cloud provider has done is launching its operations in South Korea. Cloud4C plans to set up Cloud4C Academy in South Korea in partnership with the government and leading IT universities to train and nurture local talents with adequate industry exposure.

“We have major expansion plans. We are starting a new campus in Mumbai which is probably one of the biggest ventures in the data centre industry of India with about 300-megawatt power, six buildings, each building of 50-megawatt capacity. So, there are a lot of initiatives, and we want to go complete green in the next five years,” Pinnapureddy shares.

On the customer front, Cloud4C is a cloud experts for the likes of Panasonic, Bajaj, Mahindra Group, Tata Motors, Jindal, SBI, Axis Bank and IndiaFirst Life Insurance and many others in India. After setting up three data centres (DC) in Mumbai, the company will be launching fourth DC, which will go live by next year this time.

Pinnapureddy says, “Very large companies are shutting their data centres and outsourcing it to specialist players like us. Even the cost savings are also there in outsourcing. Plus, the definitive value admission cost is not the only primary motivator, they want their application running all the time. So, that piece also we can do a lot better than the in-house data centres. Most data centres do not have this kind of exhaustive management team’s automation, infrastructure, multiple power lines, and managing all of that is also again a huge task.”


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