Cloudera collaborates with NVIDIA to accelerate data analytics and AI


Data cloud company Cloudera announced that Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) will integrate the RAPIDS  Accelerator for Apache Spark 3.0. Deployed on NVIDIA computing platforms, the software enables enterprises to accelerate data pipelines and push the performance boundaries of data and machine learning (ML) workflows to drive faster AI adoption and deliver better business outcomes, without changing any code. 

With the earlier release of Applied ML Prototypes (AMPs) in CDP and the power of NVIDIA computing, customers like the IRS and Office for National Statistics UK can accelerate data processing and model training at a lower cost across any on-premises, public cloud, or hybrid cloud deployment.

Enterprise data engineers are utilising data sets on a magnitude that can transform supply chain models, responding to increased levels of fraud, or developing new product lines. For data scientists, the bottlenecks created by massive amounts of data directly impact the cost and speed at which companies can train and operate models across the organisation. 

Cloudera and NVIDIA’s integration is expected to give enterprises the ability to quickly respond to emerging and ongoing business challenges and deliver insightful analytics.

Joe Ansaldi, Research Applied Analytics & Statistics Division and Technical Branch Chief said that the companies need to make accurate decisions at speed utilising vast swathes of data. 

“The Cloudera and NVIDIA integration will empower us to use data driven insights to power mission-critical use cases such as fraud detection. We are currently implementing this integration, and are already seeing over three times speed improvements for our data engineering and data science workflows,” added Ansaldi.

For every company struggling with massive data sets, an open source GPU-accelerated data science pipeline means the difference between being able to train models or never being able to do them at all. Such a pipeline can directly empower an organisation’s ability to transform using artificial intelligence. GPU-accelerated Apache Spark 3 runs seamlessly on CDP, allowing organisations to support HPC, AI, and data science needs with a secure, scalable, and open platform for machine learning.

Arun Murthy, Chief Product Officer, Cloudera said that at a time when speed is everything, businesses are relying on the power of data more than they ever have and Cloudera’s collaboration with NVIDIA will give customers the rocket fuel they need to better understand. 

“CDP analytic experiences are purpose-built to enable data specialists to confidently navigate the storm of both exponential data growth and siloed data analytics, operating across multiple public and private clouds,” added Murthy.

Scott McClellan, Senior Director, Data Science Product Group, NVIDIA said that Apache Spark is a cornerstone of the machine learning and data analytics pipelines enterprises rely on to remain competitive.

“The processing power of NVIDIA-accelerated computing and Spark analytics running on Cloudera Data Platform provides the flexibility to meet deadlines when time is of the essence, and save on costs when the bottom line is most important,” added McClellan. 

The RAPIDS Accelerator for Apache Spark will be available in CDP Private Cloud this summer. NVIDIA and Cloudera will roll out additional accelerated offerings in CDP over time, starting with Accelerated Deep Learning and Machine Learning in CDP Public Cloud in May.


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