Commvault expands global Center of Excellence in India


Commvault has expanded its Global Center of Excellence (COE) in India. With operations in Hyderabad, Pune, and Bangalore, the COE will focus on meeting the needs of
enterprise customers worldwide by building innovative, intelligent data management solutions and providing a world class customer experience.

The announcement includes increased investment to support Commvault’s global operations and establish a true ‘microcosm’ of the global business in India. Under the leadership of recently appointed COE Vice President, Ramesh Kalanje, the COE is driving significant
operational transformation as an integral part of Commvault’s global organization.

The growing team of more than 500 India COE employees provide world-class research and development, customer support, services and operations through collaboration with peers across North America, Asia-Pacific and Europe.

The expanding organization has successfully extended its remote working capabilities due to the global pandemic, and this, along with a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion, has resulted in Commvault being named one of the top 100 places to work for women in India. The
company also continues to expand its physical presence in Bangalore with a new state of the art facility, which will be ready next year.

“The launch of our first ever global COE in India will be integral in the development of the next evolution of our data management portfolio, leveraging the robust talent pool in India. Our strategy around our global COE predates the pandemic, but despite the working adjustments
we have had to make, I am really pleased with our progress. We have been able to recruit more than 40% of our talented and diverse COE team in the last six months. This is proof that Commvault is seen not only as an organization that is delivering the industry’s best solutions to our customers, but also as a great place to work,” said Ramesh Kalanje, Vice President, Center of Excellence, Commvault.

The announcement comes at a time when business continuity and data recoverability has never been more critical. The COE embodies Commvault’s industry-leading portfolio, driving the innovation and development of solutions that ensure our customers can address their
challenges today, and in the future.

“India has always played a crucial role in Commvault’s strategy. While the current environment has opened new possibilities for our customers and partners, it has also increased the importance for enterprises to capture and leverage data across increasing numbers and types
of environments in a consolidated way,” said Thomas Broderick, Vice President, Strategy and Chief of Staff, Commvault. “The global COE is not only fundamental to our market expansion strategy, it also enables us to continue to build the industry’s most innovative,
“future-ready” intelligent data management solutions that provide our customers with the best end-to-end experience to meet these challenges.”


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