Conduent introduces AR solution to transform the CX


Conduent has announced the launch of its Augmented Reality (AR) solution, which is now available to customers across its commercial and public sector service lines. Backed by Conduent’s considerable experience in applying technology to make business transactions – from healthcare to workers compensation and consumer purchases – easier and more efficient, its new AR solution provides organizations with a more visual way to interact with customers, members, employees, patients and other audiences.

Conduent’s differentiated services and solutions improve experiences for millions of people every day, including two-thirds of all insured patients in the United States, 25 million cardholders who participate in today’s cashless economy with modern digital payment solutions and 11 million employees who use its HR Services.

With Conduent’s scale and expertise, its new AR solution can integrate with a wide range of business applications, spanning retail, healthcare, aviation, financial services and others, to enhance customer service, improve productivity, develop new revenue streams and reduce costs through new self-service capabilities.

How it works
AR allows physical environments or individual objects to become digital portals to relevant, personalized information that can be tailored to inform users, guide actions and connect to services based on users’ preferences and self-guided actions. Using interactive graphics, audio, video, 3D objects and animation, AR brings static objects to life through digital overlays that deliver helpful information and tools on mobile devices or tablets, with the immediacy and personalisation that consumers demand.

A November 2019 report from predicts that the global Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality market is expected to reach nearly $168 billion by 2026 — representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of nearly 35%.

Examples of AR applications across businesses include:
Retail pharmacy: When a patient scans a prescription label, AR can transform the static image of the label by launching a highly personalized and intuitive interface — allowing pharmacy customers to access information, seek guidance or take actions such as ordering refills, setting medication reminders and reviewing medication risks or side effects. Pharmacies can benefit by strengthening patient compliance, improving health outcomes and reducing insured coverage payments, among others.

Learning and Development: When integrated with workplace environments, AR can enhance employee productivity and performance, improve training programs, strengthen customer service and reduce costs. Technicians servicing a vehicle, home appliance or avionics systems on commercial aircraft can tap into AR to troubleshoot issues with greater accuracy, perform routine maintenance faster and more efficiently, comply with health, safety and environment requirements, and access updated information to avoid errors or delays.

“Augmented Reality has previously been associated with gaming and social media realms, but when applied appropriately in business, companies and other organizations can supercharge self-service and have a positive impact on customer experience and business outcomes,” said Dharma Rajagopalan, Global Head, Transaction Processing, Conduent. “From healthcare to automotive, field diagnostics to learning and retail, Conduent Augmented Reality can help our clients improve business performance and relationships with their internal and external stakeholders.”



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