Dell Technologies launches telecom solutions in India


Celebrating 5 years of successfully enabling customers with new-age innovative technology solutions, Dell Technologies has come up with new and enhanced offerings for communication service providers. Building on its vast experience helping companies digitally transform, Dell Technologies is anchoring the open, cloud-native telecom ecosystem—with infrastructure and solutions, industry partners and a new innovation lab—to put communications service providers (CSPs) on the fast track for innovation and revenue growth.

As organizations across all industries look to drive new value with edge technologies, Gartner projects that applications at the edge will increase by 800 percent by 2024. CSPs are aiming to transform their businesses and networks to support this enormous growth and benefit from the edge opportunities ahead.

“Telecom companies need ways to mitigate the risk and complexities associated with evolving their network infrastructure,” said Dennis Hoffman, senior vice president and general manager, Dell Technologies Telecom Systems Business. “An open, cloud-native approach is the answer to quickly capture this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and move beyond the hype of 5G to the reality of a resilient next-generation network that creates more opportunities for operators, industries of all kinds and communities around the world.”

“With increased demand of connectivity and requirement of high bandwidths network 24*7, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are forced to upgrade their network infrastructure and provide better connectivity to their customers. Currently, CSPs need to ensure that the new infrastructure is well aligned and can overcome any kind of risk or challenges while offering services to their customers”, said Saurabh Tewari, Director & Chief Technology Officer (Telecom), Dell Technologies India. “We at Dell Technologies, understand the challenges our customers’ are facing, and to support them in their transformation journey, we have designed new solutions that will help telecom operators easily manage the hurdles they are facing in their day-to-day operations. The new cloud-native infrastructure solutions, combined with Project Metalweaver software, will simplify and accelerate network deployments. It will also enable CSPs to easily select, autonomously deploy and manage thousands of network, compute and storage devices across locations. Additionally, our solutions are enabled with Dell EMC PowerEdge XR11 ruggedized servers, which further make operations efficient and cost-effective”.

Dell Technologies is creating open software solutions and services designed for the unique requirements of the telecom industry. Collaborating with Dell, CSPs can use these new solutions to embrace software-defined industry standards, simplify integration and management of data at the edge and capture new revenue opportunities. Dell Technologies is in a unique position to help CSPs transform—backed by its industry leading IT infrastructure; secure, global supply chain; and IT services with more than 60,000 dedicated professionals and partners in more than 170 countries.

Modernizing to an open, cloud-native network

As telecom networks disaggregate and move toward delivering powerful infrastructure and applications at the edge, the number of components to deploy and manage across geographic locations grows exponentially. Dell Technologies is launching a cloud-native network infrastructure foundation with a full stack of open, scalable carrier-grade server and software solutions to simplify and accelerate this journey. Today, CSPs can use Dell Technologies validated reference architectures to deploy full-stack telecommunications solutions from industry leading partners, including VMware and Red Hat, with optimal Dell hardware, software and services.

With Project Metalweaver, Dell Technologies is taking this cloud-native infrastructure foundation farther, to support the need to scale across broad geographies. Project Metalweaver is a flexible software solution enabling CSPs to easily select, autonomously deploy and manage thousands of compute, network and storage devices across multiple locations. Now, CSPs have an agile and cost-effective way to remotely manage these devices to deliver new network services and applications thanks to automation, composable infrastructure and containerized software. CSPs can simply deploy and manage globally distributed 5G networks with zero-touch provisioning, remote diagnostics and telemetry, backed by Dell Technologies global support and services.

Dell Technologies is introducing new reference architectures that build on the flexibility and scale of Project Metalweaver to span telecommunications edge, core and Open RAN environments. The reference architectures provide full stack guidance, deployment options and operational recommendations for specific use cases to help CSPs quickly and efficiently deploy applications and services enterprises demand.

Initially, CSPs can deploy core software solutions with Nokia and Affirmed. CommScope RUCKUS will provide private network solutions. Multi-access edge computing (MEC) solutions will be available with Intel Smart Edge. Dell Technologies is collaborating with Mavenir to develop 5G Open RAN software with Dell EMC PowerEdge XR11 ruggedized servers. Through Dell Technologies Financial Services, CSPs can choose flexible payment solutions for the products and services they need to transform or build their networks.

“Nokia is excited to see Dell Technologies take this important step of extending its ecosystem. 5G and the digitization of industries requires nothing short of such an approach, and we look forward to continue the joint effort to create more open choices and options that can be used with Nokia’s leading 5G core technology in order to deliver better outcomes for our customers,” said Ron Haberman, Chief Technology Officer, Cloud and Network Services, Nokia.

New telecom lab to spark 5G innovation, capture edge revenue opportunities

Dell Technologies is introducing its Open Telecom Ecosystem Lab to create a place where it can work with its partners and customers to explore and collaborate on future telecom technologies and applications. Hosted at the company’s headquarters in Round Rock, Texas, the carrier-grade testing environment offers CSPs the ability to mirror customer locations and test multi-vendor, real-world solutions and services. New solutions can be incubated in the lab, then quickly brought to market, allowing CSPs to create new enterprise edge services and applications. Dell’s technology partner program provides engineering resources and project management support to design, build, market and sell network solutions and services.


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