Digisol introduces its first PoE+ Cat 6 Solder-less Patch Panel


Digisol Systems has added a high-performance, PoE+ compatible Cat 6 Solder-less Patch Panel – DGC-PP6U2L-1B-SL to its enterprise cabling series. The newly launched PoE+ Solder-less Patch Panel is designed to handle PoE+ electrical loads and to maintain high-quality power/data transmission output.

The solder-less patch panel consists of specially designed IDC contacts that accept wider conductor diameters (22 – 26 AWG). The patch panel’s module has patented PCBs to accommodate solder-free pin and IDC mountings that make them practically immune to wide environmental variations such as temperature and humidity. It is fully covered by 30 microns of gold over the contact pins and offers high flexibility compared to traditional stamped pins.

The patch panel features 90 degree Punch-Down design, which makes it easy to terminate each cable separately & strongly, thus reducing the occurrence of loose connections during punch-downs & reducing human error in the termination process.

The patch panel’s solder-free design avoids use of rare earth metals and lead (Pb), which when disintegrated can soil earth. Solder-less products are more immune to oxidation thus leading to longer life and improved performance. One can get Cat 6A performance in our Cat 6 Solder-less Patch panel.

The high-density patch panel maximises performance with PoE+ applications. The DGC-PP6U2L-1B-SL patch panel comes with contact pins assembled in solder-less products by PRESS-FIT Technology, which helps contact pins remain shiny, results in better signal transmission at electron level. Using Solder-less patch panels and keystones help in increasing the efficiency as the Flux is absent.


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