Digital Track Appoints Nilanjan Sengupta as Regional Director to Bolster Eastern Market


To further expand its footprint into eastern market in India, Digital Track has recently appointed Nilanjan Sengupta as the Regional Director for Eastern India. He carries with him over 18 years of experience in the IT Industry in the sales and services domain. His deep technical background with almost a decade of experience in Cisco Systems for India East always helped customer as trusted advisor for developing complex and large solutions for their projects. With a rich mix of technical and sales acumen and deep relationship with key customers in the market, he has worked with organisations like Wipro, ITC, HCL, and Paladion Networks to name a few. His work also spans across the public sector, enterprise, BFSI and commercial segments.

We also spoke to Sengupta to understand the company’s expansion plans for the Eastern market.

Having been in the Eastern market for so long, what are your plans for Digital Tracks’ expansion in the region?

I have worked in the Eastern market long enough to create mindshare and customers see me as a trusted advisor. With the technical background I have and the relationship I share with the technical as well as the CXO level, am sure I will be able to drive business in new and newer heights, moving away from traditional ways of doing business by most of the partners in this region. Plans are in place, the execution is on its way!

How are you positioned in the market and what competitive advantage do you have over others?

As a partner, we are positioned well enough in the India market. The Eastern market is a bit untapped as of now, however there are considerable work which has been done from this market as well. The plan is to create a positioning in front of the customer with a differentiator and having conversations deeper than any other partner would have done by now. Surely customers will fall back to the partner who gives a transparent, doable and optimistic roadmap to them.

How would you define the Eastern market in terms of tech adoption?

There are big accounts who are very advance in technical adoption. We have the biggest and largest security NAC deployment in this market, by a company that is 100 years old. There are PSU banks having a record investment on WAN optimisation while other IT/ITES companies were just thinking of the same. Early and deep adoption of technology is very common here, might be all are not big sized. However I see deep and informed customers in this part of the country, who can question technical giants as well and keep them on their toes.

Do you see a real demand for your products and solutions in the Eastern market? How are you planning to address it?

Yes there are real demand of the products and solutions which we bring on to the table, however from the OEM hardware products perspective its all the same. The main difference which we will drive here is to position the solution after understanding the customer requirement, the roadmap, the budget and the adoption which they might be looking for. Box selling is never a plan for us. We add value to the solution we sell by knowing why the solution is positioned.

Is there anything else you would want to share?

With this we are covering South, West and Eastern parts of India with eight branches in this country and one in Singapore.


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