EverestIMS announces its new product brand identity and nomenclature, Infraon Product Suite

Satish Kumar V, CEO, Everest

EverestIMS Technologies (Everest), an Indian software product company specialising in providing software solutions for IT Infrastructure, ITSM and the IoT space, has announced the launch of its new product nomenclature and visual identity as part of the ongoing evolution of the company’s brand offerings. The next version of the ‘Everest Product Suite’ will now be called the ‘Infraon Product Suite’. It will also sport a fresh, new visual identity, logo and tagline. The new name and logo crystalizes the term ‘Infrastructure Online’ into the acronym ‘Infraon’. The new name ‘Infraon’ will now prefix all products, frameworks and solution sets that the company will release in future.

“Over the years we have dedicated ourselves towards developing a feature rich, technologically advanced, scalable and robust version of Everest IMS and other products in our stable. As the development span of the products grew, we strongly felt that the vision, path, and features that we were delivering to our clients in the latest avatar, had sprinted far ahead. The name ‘Infraon’ arose out of the need to articulate the capabilities of our suite to match that of its future trajectory and broader outcomes scenario. We asked ourselves – what is at the core of all that we do? Whether it is ensuring the uptime of a datacentre, managing critical IT components across a network, connectivity of a mobile tower network, or defining golden templates for change management, there is one single unified theme that binds everything together, we keep enterprises critical ‘Infrastructure Online – All the time’. Which translates into the name that we have chosen – ‘Infraon’. It also comes with a new tagline: The Power of Insight,” said Satish Kumar V, CEO at EverestIMS.

Everest IMS conducted in-depth research, market analysis, and expanded the conversation to some important clients which helped them gain insight into the brand articulation. They analyzed their values and direction as an organization and then created a product brand identity which reflects those values. Across the entire enterprise, right from the presales, sales and marketing teams there is an exuberant feeling that they will now be enabled to expand upon services, accomplish local and global growth objectives, and to foster and develop new client relationships. The change in the branding will start to proliferate across their partner network, social media channels and sales collateral in time to come.cont

“The name ‘Infraon’ exhorts us to go beyond the traditional parameters and define ourselves as a company that helps lay and enable the ‘foundation for digital transformation’. We create the platform upon which a partner can confidently craft a digital transformation experience for their customers on an enterprise scale. We are now committed to this vision. It defines, pushes us and guides our future efforts – It exhorts us to be bold, innovative, humble, ethical and reliable. Our new logo represents a commitment to our partners, a reminder to our employees and a promise to our customers that all EverestIMS Technologies products and initiatives are geared toward one thing and one thing only: ‘laying the foundation for digital transformation”, continued Satish

The entire EverestIMS team and partner network will now work in tandem to articulate, proliferate and grow the new brand ethos across all channels of partner and customer engagement. The company has already started expanding its distributor channel internationally and now with a new brand expression, they are raring to go further and ahead.


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