ForeignAdmits launches AI-powered mock Visa interview tool, empowering students to Excel in Visa Applications


ForeignAdmits, a leading EdTech brand committed to unlocking students’ potential, is thrilled to introduce the world’s first AI-driven mock visa interview tool. This groundbreaking solution revolutionises the way students prepare for visa interviews, eliminating anxiety and instilling confidence in their interactions with visa officers.

60 to 70 percent of Indian students are currently undergoing the visa backlog dilemma. In 2022, Indian travellers faced a visa rejection rate of 18%. A lot of people face fear and anxiety while facing visa officers. According to research, the US rejected 35% of all F-1 student visa applications in 2022. Acknowledging this challenge, ForeignAdmits has developed an innovative tool that leverages artificial intelligence to provide comprehensive feedback on crucial interview aspects, including clarity, confidence, and pace. The AI technology excels in understanding human speech in various accents and dialects, ensuring a seamless user experience for students from diverse backgrounds.

By utilising the AI-driven mock visa interview tool, students receive real-time feedback during practice interviews, enabling them to immediately identify and rectify their mistakes. It has been observed that students who receive immediate feedback during their mock interviews are more likely to perform better in their actual visa interviews.

“We are delighted to introduce the world’s first AI-driven mock visa interview tool, empowering students to overcome their fears and present themselves confidently in front of visa officers,” said Ashwini Jain, CEO & Cofounder of ForeignAdmits. “Through this innovative solution, students can practice as much as they desire and receive personalized feedback, ensuring continuous improvement and increased chances of visa approval.”

One of the key advantages of this tool is its accessibility and convenience. Students can easily conduct mock interviews from the comfort of their own homes, which gives them the flexibility to practice at their own pace. This accessibility factor has proven to be highly beneficial, as it has been observed that students who were able to practice mock interviews from home were 45% more likely to engage in regular practice sessions.

ForeignAdmits remains dedicated to providing students with cutting-edge tools that enhance their academic journey. The AI-driven mock visa interview tool exemplifies the brand’s commitment to leveraging technology for student success.


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