GajShield Infotech plans to network and engage Channel Partners in the Bangalore region


GajShield Infotech has always been a home name as a trustworthy network security solutions and data security partner. In collaboration with Ecom Technology Regional distributor for GajShield Karnataka. GajShield Infotech was delighted to attend the recently held Association for Information Technology (AIT) Bangalore, Annual general meeting. The magnificent gathering was held at The President Hotel, Bangalore, on 18th December 2022. GajShield’s channel partners are in a remarkable position to provide insights into the local Bangalore market.

The company had an incredible 15mins customised pitch opportunity to familiarise its ICT channel partners with the wide-ranging data-driven products and solutions currently offered by them. GajShield plans to reach out to the untapped Bangalore region by marketing its security products and services in these partner meetings.

Such conferences help GajShield to connect with new channel partners and build a competitive edge in the security industry. The result is an organic increase in Return on Investment (ROI) and a higher market share. Channel partnership has always been a powerful tool for GajShield to boost its brand awareness and discover valuable distribution channels.

GajShield has a customer-first mindset and plans to address the security needs of its customer base with data-driven products and an exceptional customer experience. An enthusiastic and loyal channel partner is more willing to offer constructive recommendations to assist in the success of GajShield’s strategies.

Given the integral role of channel partners, businesses need to keep them engaged. In addition to sales, devoted channel partners vested in the vendor’s success actively work to implement best practices and coordinate strategies.

GajShield’s wide range of innovative products has facilitated safeguarding organisations, critical government facilities, and other enterprise customers. They provide an exhaustive product line that comprises security, data solutions, and services to manage advanced security risks effectively. The products from GajShield deliver in-depth threat intelligence and security expertise.

GajShield’s channel partners support connecting with new customers by sharing information about its products or services. The best part about channel partnerships is that both sides benefit from the increased revenue. For GajShield new partnership generates revenue and grows its sales footprint. At the same time, the partners can also boost revenue for their businesses.

GajShield supports channel partners by including training on their brand, products and applications, regulations, and how to sell its product or services better. It has attractive incentives and discount programmes for its channel partners to boost their increased profits and sales.

Mr Sonit Jain, C.E.O, GajShield Infotech, said, “Channel partnership is a valuable strategy for us to thrive in the modern business world. We plan to transform our business reputation, increase market share, and drive leads and sales generation in the Bangalore region. We have a customer-first mindset and believe growth will naturally follow. We will offer customers unmatched value by developing strategic channel partnerships. Our enthusiastic and knowledgeable Channel partners help us build our presence by promoting our products and services. It can help us reach a larger audience and attract new customers from all over the world.”


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