GajShield Infotech reveals strategic plans for expansion in Indian security market


GajShield Infotech is a leading global cybersecurity brand that is synonymous with advanced security solutions. The brands comprehensive threat intelligence and security know-how has been constantly transforming into innovative security solutions while upholding the highest benchmarks of professional integrity. Offering an extension to its strong security portfolio, the brand has recently achieved a new milestone in terms of business strategies that will guide the company’s growth during the course of the year.

The renowned Data Security Firewall solution provider has always outperformed its industry hold through its next-generation cybersecurity services, best practices and compliance, as part of its cloud adoption journey. The brand is now looking forward to magnify its reach on a global scale and stitch up an expansion strategy aimed at contributing towards development in areas having a strong security consumption. This move will facilitate in expanding GajShield Infotech’s competences in the protracted security market, aligning with the brand’s strategy to deliver security with an open approach. Furthermore, in order to cement the company’s cybersecurity intelligence foundations, the brand aims at team building by hiring skilled personals on board, laying more emphasis on enterprise business and has been developing new solutions to full-fill the need to enterprise customers in terms of cyber security and network solutions.

Mr. Sonit Jain, CEO – GajShield Infotech, says, “GajShield Infotech has steadily and remarkably reinforced its position in the enterprise security market by delivering competent endpoint security solutions. The brands capacity to offer solutions meeting customer requisites has driven GajShield Infotech’s market share gains. Through this milestone achievement of expanding globally, we further aim to build a robust Threat Intelligence reputation through proper research exposing sophisticated attacks like malware. The brand is further enriching its security portfolio by building a robust team with skilled expertise in the security domain. These advancements will strengthen our position as a preferred vendor to watch in the security market.”


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