GajShield introduces GajOS: Bulwark 5.0 for comprehensive cyber security


Leaping into a faster, seamless version of the firewall experience, GajShield Infotech has introduced the improved Bulwark 5.0. The latest upgrade gives users complete control over data transactions and data threat surfaces, making it an apex destination for cyber safety.

Deemed as a robust version of cyber defence, GajOS Bulwark renders an in-depth distinctness on various threats. As compared to its previous version, GajOS Bulwark 5.0 provides newer features, ensures better protection, data security health, along with an option to view complete real-time reports at a glance.

In its previous version, GajOS added the new Data Security Dashboard, instrumental for improving visibility. It also helped with a well-managed approach towards surface threats. It highlighted a Data Criticality Health Indicator that assisted users to check on Data Security Policies by assigning Violation Criticality to various tasks without having to block them completely. Apart from maintaining the overall health of the system — it helped classify numerous risk factors by labelling them — including red for high violation, blue for medium and green for low violation.

With progression in mind, GajShield’s firewall security, strives to provide superior safeguarding. The newly released version further enhances GajShield’s multi-tenant capability by providing a unique vShield technology, which helps in creating virtual units of independent firewalls for multiple departments within an organizations or across multiple organisations. MSSP can now provision independent customer firewalls using GajShield’s proprietary vShield technology.

GajOS Bulwark 5.0 integrates GajShield nuVPN architecture which further expands SDWan capability of GajShield firewall. Key to this update is its ability to optimise pathways and dynamically select the best route, which benefits enterprises with greater efficiencies, unprecedented reliability and performance. nuVPN provides the ability to enterprise to dynamically connect branch offices to their data centre, cloud, enterprise network seamlessly, using zero-touch deployment. It allows administrator to centrally managing rules and policies across distributed branches using cloud based control function to securely and intelligently route traffic across the WAN.

Speaking about the new version of GajOS Bulwark 5.0, Mr. Sonit Jain, CEO, GajShield Infotech, said, “It has become crucial in today’s times to keep a tab on your potentially sensitive information. However, it takes more than just security to keep harmful elements out of your organisation. It requires a sturdy hand that helps you monitor everything, beginning from your personal data, IT assets, associations and interactions. The GajOS Bulwark 5.0 takes it up a notch higher than the previous version by including critical elements that the cyber world demands today, including secure SDWan and virtual firewall environment within an organisation”

“Bulwark implements technology that looks beyond application usage and employs contextual intelligence engine to gain clarity into various levels. It believes in deep diving into all types of data by inspecting the context along with the application behind it. It makes sure to scrutinise every aspect of the communication, including the suspicious senders, potential threats and leaves no scope for data or privacy breach within the organisation,” he adds.

GajOS Bulwark version 5.0 ensures optimum safeguarding and makes sure that it is user-friendly along with hassle-free functionality. By supplementing enhanced features for its users year on, GajShield Infotech aims to make cyber security an approachable concept for the tech-driven world of tomorrow.


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