GitHub platform reaches 100mn developers  


GitHub has announced that 100 million developers are now using GitHub globally to build, maintain, and contribute to software projects.

In 2015, almost a third of developers on GitHub were from North America. Today, some of the fastest-growing regions are far away from the U.S., for example, in Southeast Asia, Africa, and South America. In India alone, more than 10 million developers use GitHub to build software. And in Brazil, over 3 million new developers use GitHub.

Thomas Dohmke, CEO at GitHub, said: “I’m excited to share that there are now officially more than 100 million developers using GitHub. In 2019, we had set a goal to have 100 million developers using GitHub by 2025. This not only puts us two years ahead of schedule, but represents a huge responsibility for us at GitHub to continue putting developers first.

“As the home for 100 million developers and counting, we take our responsibility seriously to help bring more new developers into technology and help people work together to build the next great thing, accelerate human progress, and solve problems we don’t yet understand. Because when more developers work together and have everything they need to be at their best, incredible things happen for everyone,” Dohmke added.

From creating the pull request to empowering developers with AI through GitHub Copilot, everything GitHub does has been to put the developer first. And it’s just the beginning. With GitHub Next, the company’s research and development team is investigating the future of software development. From Code Brushes to Hey, GitHub!, GitHub Next has been pivotal in ensuring GitHub is the home for all developers.



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