Gupshup ties up with Truecaller to help enterprises improve customer experience


Gupshup announced a technology partnership with Truecaller, the global platform for verifying contacts and blocking unwanted communications, to empower enterprises with access to advanced business identity solutions. With this partnership, brands will enable a secure voice communication ecosystem to better engage with consumers and improve their overall calling experience.

With unsolicited calls and messages on the rise, mobile users are finding it difficult to distinguish between unwanted calls and genuine calls or messages from brands they want to engage with, leading to incomplete or unproductive consumer outreach. To address this, Gupshup and Truecaller will bring the Verified Business Caller Identity solution to businesses. The partnership will help brands deliver personalised voice calls to customers, with a logo, verified tick, call reason and green badge with Truecaller caller identification for more meaningful engagement between brands and consumers.

“We are committed to help businesses drive secure, smart and intuitive conversations with consumers. This partnership demonstrates our commitment. The Verified Business Caller Identity solution will help businesses add more credibility to their consumer communication. With contextual information provided through a verified identity, the scope of identity theft and phishing are significantly reduced. Together, we will help our enterprise customers strengthen user trust, satisfaction and make communication truly work for their brand,” said Ravi Sundararajan, Chief Operating Officer, Gupshup.

“Users today are flooded with endless calls from unidentified numbers. Unfortunately, industry-wide, businesses tend to suffer from reaching their users, resulting in a poor user experience. Our Truecaller Verified Business Caller Identity solution provides an answer to this problem. The solution has acquired the trust of consumers and companies by adding identity, trust, safety, and context to voice led business communication with successful use cases across industry verticals. Gupshup is the leading messaging and conversational engagement platform, and this partnership will amplify our joint vision to build a seamless communication experience for users and businesses,” said Priyam Bose, Global Head, GTM, Truecaller.


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