Hexnode integrates with Drata to bolster businesses’ compliance posture


Hexnode, an award-winning Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution of Mitsogo Inc., has announced a partnership with Drata, a continuous monitoring security and compliance automation platform. While Hexnode assures compliance of the device fleets connected to the network, Drata serves as a proof to Hexnode’s assertion.

Businesses often handle massive amounts of data, including PII (personally identifiable information) and behavioural data. In view of ensuring client privacy, governments across several nations have enacted data privacy legislation. And compliance with these data privacy regulations serves as a hallmark of trust for clients who entrust their data with businesses. Taking this compliance venture forward, the Hexnode-Drata collaboration facilitates mutual clients to monitor and ensure compliance for their devices.

“At Hexnode, apart from pushing security management policies, we assist IT admins in generating real-time reports by scanning devices for passwords, application, location and encryption compliance. Our partnership with Drata allows us to expand the scope of our compliance assurance”, said Sahad M, Chief Technology Officer at Hexnode.

Hexnode UEM brings together a wide range of security solutions under the umbrella, helping businesses strengthen their security armory. Hexnode offers password policies enabling IT Admins set up complex restrictions. Adding to the first line of defence, OS updates and disc encryption functions such as BitLocker, FileVault and Firewall, can also be enabled to step up device protection.

In addition to reinforcing security policies, collecting adequate evidence on a company’s security posture is a prerequisite. Believing in the value of preserving trust, Drata audits the seamless compliance of corporate devices with SOC 2, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, and HIPAA standards. Drata gathers evidence by extracting data from business suites, MDM (Mobile Device Management) solutions, and other sources, and this evidence assists enterprises in proving their security posture. Currently, the Hexnode-Drata integration supports Windows and macOS devices. Drata’s agent app monitors endpoints to collect information regarding their compliance status.

“Endpoint monitoring is a fundamental component of a robust security and compliance program, especially in a remote or hybrid work environment. Drata’s integration with Hexnode ensures work devices are compliant with stringent standards and helps companies maintain and prove their strong security posture,” said Adam Markowitz, Co-Founder and CEO of Drata.

UEM solutions offer policies that help corporates in ensuring compliance with the regulations. Drata, in turn, monitors the compliance portfolio, gathers data and reports the device’s compliance status. Satisfying compliance standards is a necessity for every business, and the Hexnode team is thrilled to collaborate with Drata in making the mission easier for our shared clientele.


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