Hitachi vantara invests over $200,000 in product showcase program for India partners to deliver onsite customer experiences

Hitachi Vantara Unveils Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform One, Signifying a New Hybrid Cloud Approach to Data Storage A single data platform will provide a simplified experience to consume and manage block, file, object, and mainframe data, with flexible consumption as an appliance or software-defined across the public cloud and on-premises.
A single data platform will provide a simplified experience to consume and manage block, file, object, and mainframe data, with flexible consumption as an appliance or software-defined across the public cloud and on-premises.
To support partners in their commercial acceleration, Hitachi Vantara announced the launch of its partner program to provide product showcase machines of the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) E590 device for selected partners in India. With Hitachi VSP E590 machines installed at their own sites, partners can now deliver quicker Centre of Excellence (COE) capabilities to their local customers, including the ability to conduct Proof of Concepts (POCs) on customers’ unique solutions, validated with on-site customer data, and increase the number of workshops conducted.
In addition to machine investments totalling more than $200,000 (USD), Hitachi Vantara is providing marketing and sales support to drive awareness for the showcase and demonstration program at the partner sites, including setting up standees at the partner locations, social media promotions on LinkedIn, and deploying Hitachi Vantara sales representatives to support lead generation and increase awareness. Other tactics to support partners in India include partner bootcamps, customer events, and incentivised product bundles, which aim to enhance the revenue and lead generation capabilities of Hitachi Vantara’s partners while fostering mutual growth.
“We are thrilled to introduce our groundbreaking partner program in India,” said Hemant Tiwari, Managing Director, India, Hitachi Vantara. “This unique initiative complements Hitachi Vantara’s existing Centre of Excellence capabilities worldwide and underscores our dedication to fostering our partners’ business growth. By equipping our focused partners with Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform machines at their own locations, along with robust sales and marketing support, we empower them to serve customers more effectively in refreshing, upgrading, and innovating their data infrastructure solutions. This program highlights the significance of India to Hitachi Vantara and demonstrates our commitment to cultivating mutually beneficial partnerships while driving sales growth collaboratively with our partners.”
Partners in this program will work with their respective Hitachi team to develop a comprehensive business plan outlining their commitments to drive POCs, tech events, and workshops. In addition, the business plan will include targeted audience numbers, details of participating customers, and revenue plans.
All the selected partners have already acquired and installed the Hitachi VSP E90 machines in their data centres. These partners include (by region in India):
  • North: CTAP
  • North: PC Solutions
  • South: Orisenc Technologies Private Limited.
  • National level: Hitachi Systems India Pvt. Ltd.

“As a key partner for Hitachi Vantara in India, we’re excited to embark on this transformative journey through the partner program,” said Devendra Taneja, Founder & CEO, PC Solutions. “This initiative aligns with our growth objectives, and the comprehensive support, including bootcamps and incentives, reinforces our confidence in achieving mutual success. The strategic placement of demo machines at our site not only enhances our ability to showcase solutions to our customers, but also reinforces our role as a key contributor to generating leads and driving revenue growth for Hitachi Vantara in India. We appreciate Hitachi Vantara’s commitment to creating a win-win scenario and look forward to the opportunities this program will unlock for our business.”

Following the installation of the machines across India, product showcases, demonstrations and POCs have begun and the program is set to expand further with more partners expressing interest – particularly with the upcoming release of the next generation platforms.
Beyond India, the product showcase program has rolled out globally in America, Europe and Greater China. Notably, the program has already demonstrated success in Greater China, where CHIT, a partner, secured significant deals through POCs with the customers since their machine installation in May 2023.


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