IAMCP India Celebrates the Resounding Success of IAC 2024 in Goa


The International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP) India chapter is thrilled to announce the triumphant conclusion of the IAMCP Annual Conference 2024. Held against the stunning backdrop of Goa, this pivotal gathering brought together over 110 Microsoft Channel Partners, Microsoft leadership, and distributors from across the country.

The conference featured a diverse range of sessions covering topics crucial to the tech industry. Attendees delved into the latest trends and updates in areas such as AI, Azure Marketplace, Microsoft Lighthouse, Mergers and Acquisitions, and more. These sessions equipped partners with knowledge to leverage technological advancements for business growth.

Participants explored practical insights during business sessions. Topics included Go-To Market strategies, incentive programs, and other essential aspects. These discussions aimed to maximise the benefits of Microsoft partnerships and enhance business development.

The IAMCP Annual Conference 2024 provided an exclusive platform for Microsoft Partners in India. Attendees engaged in meaningful discussions, shared experiences, and built lasting relationships. Key executives from Microsoft India were present, offering valuable insights and updates.

Chetan Shah, President of IAMCP India, delivered the core note where he talked about how IAMCP has enabled the Microsoft community to build bridges towards partnering and collaboration in the industry. He highlighted the India chapter’s remarkable growth and announced that IAMCP India has become one of the fastest-growing IAMCP chapters globally.

Suresh Ramani emphasised the global network of IAMCP members. Leveraging the IAMCP worldwide and APAC connections, partners can expand their businesses overseas and create innovative models to serve customers globally.

Sadiq Pasha, Microsoft SMB Lead for India and South Asia, delivered the Keynote titled “The AI Moment” and talked about AI, Microsoft Co Pilot, and how it opens up a plethora of opportunities and possibilities for partners. In another session, Sadiq covered “Partner Earning Potential” where he showcased the Microsoft incentive programs and the additional earning opportunities for Microsoft partners.

Sanjeev Sharma, Director – New ISV Partnerships at Microsoft India delivered a keynote titled “How can Partners leverage Azure Marketplace” and showcased the Microsoft ISV program and other benefits. Shalabh Pradhan – GTM Manager, Security & Compliance, Microsoft talked about a very interesting and relevant topic “How can Partners navigate the Digital Personal Data Protection Act 2023” and covered the changes coming in India with the introduction of the DPDP act.

Devendra Bansal, Head, Tech Sellers Team, Microsoft talked about Microsoft Co-Pilot will completely change the way, people have been using Microsoft products and the phenomenal change that Microsoft Co-Pilot brings in the IT user experience.

Stuti Singh from Microsoft showcased the game-changing potential of M365 Lighthouse , spotlighting its role in bolstering security, productivity, and customer engagement.

Ajay Mian, Founder & CEO of Alletec, delivered a very insightful talk titled “The Big and the Boutique” where he discussed how he has built and led his company to be a very focused Microsoft Bizapps partner and successfully completed an IPO recently.

The Conference, started with a high energy and lively beach party with music, drinks and food at the beach to set the tone for the rest of the conference. An amazing experience for the delegates and the industry stalwarts to hobnob in the setting sun with fun and frolic.

Incisive Panel Discussions

• The ISV Club
• Partner Perspective on Digital Personal Data Protection Act 2023 Compliance
• Diversity and Inclusion
• Mergers and Acquisitions
• Co-Pilot and AI Strategies for Partners

Awards – The Gala Dinner started with awards to P2P and the D&I winners amidst lot of cheering and appreciation for the winners for their accomplishments.


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