Infogain deploy and integrates Automation Anywhere RPA Platform to Google Cloud for a digital hospitality marketplace


Infogain, a partner of Automation Anywhere, has announced the successful deployment and integration of the Automation Anywhere platform with Google Cloud for a leading digital hospitality company.

Infogain manages a large number of property listings for the client. Property agents had the task of gathering new property information manually which was not only time consuming, but also error-prone. To resolve these challenges, Infogain, working in partnership with Automation Anywhere, designed an intelligent bot that utilises Google Cloud’s AutoML Vision Object Detection APIs which automatically identifies amenities by looking at the pictures available publicly. After the bot gathers the info, the agent adds pricing and basic information to complete the listing. The API intelligent bot helped double the listing activations and reduce the turnaround time by 70 per cent.

“Automation Anywhere on Google Cloud enables our clients to take advantage of the industry-leading RPA capabilities of Automation Anywhere and the AI and on demand services of Google Cloud, to provide a comprehensive automation platform that drives business value in the cognitive era,” said Gans Subramanian, VP & Global Head of Digital Experience & Insights.

“This is not just a validation of our Digital Workforce Platform’s extensibility and openness, but also a great example of how RPA + AI can fundamentally take automation to the next level. The customer is automating almost 100 per cent of the listing process while improving their cycle time, but more importantly, preparing to tackle ten times the number of transactions next year,” said Abhijit Kakhandiki, SVP Products & Engineering at Automation Anywhere.

Infogain’s automation practice consists of 150 per cent trained and certified developers, including analysts, process experts, modelers, architects, developers and data analysts. The team has deployed over 350 bots to the technology, retail, travel, and insurance industries.


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