Innoviti’s self-healing technology, Juno ensures 99.7% terminal uptime across partner merchants


Leading provider of intelligent payment solutions, Innoviti announced that its self-healing technology for payment terminals, Juno, for automatic detection and healing of complex payment systems has ensured an uptime of 99.7 per cent across its pan-India base of payment terminal installations since its launch in January 2020.

Juno takes over from where humans find it hard to find patterns. Built using advanced automation and AI/ ML technologies, Juno detects and cures issues and leads to significant business impact by ensuring zero-downtime of all terminals.

Transactions happening on a payment terminal get processed through several systems run by various companies and interconnected through protocols.  A specific sequence of transactions can trigger bugs lying in these systems and cause it to malfunction.  One such problem that arises is that the session keys need to be refreshed daily.  To activate daily transaction processing on the terminal, they often need to request and receive a sequence of activation keys.  However, due to transient communication issues the sequence can get broken, leading to the terminal becoming non-functional.   Since the codes were to be downloaded in a sequence, a break requires each system to be reset which is often a manual exercise. 

Juno continuously monitors error codes of over five million transactions per day to automatically track such patterns.  It detects a break happening and immediately heals it before the impact reaches the terminal, thereby preventing the terminal from becoming non-functional.  Moreover, it does this across acquiring banks and other payment system providers, communication networks, and types of transactions.  

Innoviti’s investment in Juno is in line with its stated goal of relentlessly pursuing excellence in every aspect of system design to eliminate issues that lead to customer impact. By automating the problem identification and resolution using Juno, Innoviti has been able to reduce manual errors, speed up time to resolution and enhance control over its platform performance. 

A testament to this obsessive focus on ensuring transaction success reliability is the SOC3 seal of excellence that Innoviti received from an independent third-party CPA firm (Ernst & Young Associates LLP) as per AICPA’s SSAE 18 standards after a thorough evaluation of transaction speed, reliability, privacy, security, confidentiality, availability, and processing of transactions on Innoviti’s terminals. Innoviti is India’s only payments SaaS company to be awarded the SOC3 seal of excellence.

“At Innoviti, we pride ourselves on the industry-leading reliability metrics of our POS terminals – something that is widely recognized as best-in-class by the retail industry. The success of our Juno Self-healing system will further strengthen our innovation edge in this crucial domain. It is in keeping with our ethos that every POS-related problem faced by our customer is our personal headache, even if its origin may actually lie in an external environment or partner networks not working optimally.” said Kumar Digvijay Singh, Senior Vice President, Online Payment Gateway, Innoviti.

Innoviti processes over US$ 10 Billion payments with over 76 per cent market share in the Enterprise merchant categories. The company’s throughput of transaction value per terminal per month is in excess of US$ 7000, which is 2X of any other payment terminals in the market. This is because of reduced downtime and over time the merchant not feeling the need for any backup terminals, saving them cost and hassles. 


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