Kiko Live to be launched on ONDC in September


Kiko Live has announced that they have been onboarded on ONDC and plan to be available on the ONDC platform by September 2022. Kiko Live is among the first platforms for small neighborhood retailers to be available on the ONDC network, potentially enabling millions of small retailers across India to be visible across the platform and to sell digitally which will empower small shop sellers.

Kiko Live has laid a path for small and local retailers to mark their entry into the digital space and set up a free online store. These sellers can now boost their digital presence and can do one-on-one live selling sessions with potential buyers on one of the industry’s first Live Commerce apps- Kiko Live.

Now with Kiko Live’s integration with ONDC, sellers listed on the Kiko Live app will be discoverable across the ONDC network and Kiko Live becomes a stepping stone for the thousands of small retailers across the country who will be able to sell on the ONDC network. A buyer who searches for products on the ONDC network will not only find products from large retailers, but also from your local shops, therefore allowing them to choose where to buy.

Kiko Live enables neighborhood retailers across categories, including but not limited to, Grocery, Stationary, Chemists, Gifts and Novelty, Florists, Fashion & Cosmetics, Electronics, Electrical and Hardware, Dairy products, Fresh Meat, and even Paan shops along with 10,000+ sellers signed up, growing the number at a rapid pace.

Alok Chawla, Co-Founder, of Kiko Live said, “E-Commerce is growing rapidly in India, however, the benefit was so far enjoyed only by a limited few large and organized sellers. Small sellers and retailers have constantly been voicing their concerns about the bias of marketplaces that have been eating into their business. ONDC is a brilliant solution to drive business growth for the smallest of sellers and make them equal players in the digital selling space. We at Kiko Live are proud to be part of this revolution, and to be the stepping stone for small retailers to sell to millions of buyers on the ONDC network”.


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