Leading voice AI company Skit named as Cool Vendor by Gartner


Skit announced that it has been named as a “Cool Vendor” based on the November 12, 2021 report titled, “Cool Vendors in Conversational and NLT Widen Use Cases, Domain Knowledge and Dialect Support” by Anthony Mullen, Magnus Revang, Van Baker, and Adrian Lee at Gartner Inc. The report evaluates interesting, new and innovative vendors, products and services in the speech and natural language automation space to generate personalized output at scale for better marketing and customer service experiences. Gartner’s report points out, “Many text and conversational AI vendors are differentiating in the market with the modelling of domain knowledge for industries in order to provide clients with an accelerator.” The report also provides recommendations for applications and software engineering leaders to understand how emerging technologies can help them drive their market strategies, including the following:

● Transformer models for shorter machine training and learning cycles and better personalized output at scale

● Architecture design that enables organizations to pick and choose local providers to obtain the best experience, especially if working with low resourced languages in Asia

● Clear understanding of what data assets persist, focusing on the co-development of industry specific information with vendors, making it available to the business via semantic AI APIs

“We are delighted to be named a Gartner Cool Vendor,” said Sourabh Gupta, CEO and Co-founder of Skit. “The demand for conversational AI is growing as organizations look to automate their customer contact centres and drive operational and cost efficiencies. Gartner’s designation validates the uniqueness and superiority of our product and reaffirms our commitment to delivering a voice-first future that allows enterprises to improve customer engagement and satisfaction.”


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