Lenovo invites ISVs & Startups to its AI Innovators Program


Lenovo is on the lookout for independent software vendors (ISVs) to join the Lenovo AI Innovators program, a partner ecosystem enabling Lenovo customers to confidently deploy artificial intelligence. The program provides a broad range of support for ISVs and their customers looking to bring AI from the lab to scale. Lenovo’s AI Innovators are already delivering cognitive decisions at scale across financial, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and smart city applications, enabling vertical use cases like autonomous shopping, predictive maintenance, and clinical decision support.

Leveraging Lenovo’s AI infrastructure, the Lenovo AI Innovators ecosystem has welcomed more than 45 AI ISV partners globally across a range of applications and services, representing more than $1 billion in venture capital investment, since its inception.

“AI is driving a new wave of opportunities for businesses, but many companies face implementation challenges due to resource limitations and infrastructure complexities, stalling its rollout. With Lenovo’s AI Innovators program, we aim to bring AI from lab to scale by leveraging our vast network of best-in-class partners and next-generation turnkey solutions,” said Sinisa Nikolic, Director, HPC & AI – Asia Pacific, Lenovo ISG. “Our program fuels innovation and provides a one-stop shop to help customers of all sizes deploy AI with confidence. We offer AI-ready infrastructure solutions that will help customers overcome deployment complexities and more easily implement AI to deliver transformative services and products to the market. As the AI opportunity continues to grow, Lenovo is well-equipped to address its demands and support our customers in their intelligent transformation journey.”

The Lenovo AI Innovators program leverages industry-leading open-source tools, such as Intel’s Open Vino and One API for optimizing AI solutions across the expansive portfolio of architectures to help enterprises get the best performance from their AI solutions, from the hardware, middleware, and application. The program simplifies the effort and helps reduce the cost for AI software developers, while ultimately providing their customers with the confidence to deploy today’s most innovative AI software.

Lenovo also plans to make strategic investments in infrastructure innovations empowered by AI, such as AI-powered edge computing. These innovations will empower customers to unlock the inherent value of their data by deploying AI, thereby driving transformative business outcomes with enhanced predictability.


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