Park Place Technologies establishes its first office in India


Park Place Technologies  has announced the opening of a new office in Hyderabad, India. The office in Hyderabad will enhance the company’s ability to deliver it data center hardware maintenance and full suite of managed services to customers in India.

The 24/7 Hyderabad facility will feature 2,500 total square feet of office space. The new office space includes a cafeteria, high-tech training center, spacious conference rooms, and a client lounge area. Employees will have access to a gym and swimming pool for health and wellness. Special features include a high-tech amphitheater to host company events; the space can comfortably accommodate more than 150 audience members.

Park Place currently supports more than 400 local and international ‘blue chip’ clients in India.  Park Place has strongly connected with customers with its First-Time Fix Guarantee. Under the program, if a return trip is needed to correct the same issue on the same device serial number within five days, clients will be credited for one month of maintenance and ParkView Hardware Monitoring on that device.

In addition, Park Place has recently trained and invested in a class of a dozen in-country business development associates. Training consists of rigorous simulations, tests and customisations of proprietary strategies.

“As Park Place Technologies invests in its global team, support network and supply chain to serve customers, we are emphasizing India as an important and growing region,” said Chris Adams, President and CEO, Park Place Technologies. “We respect the importance of localized service and the customer experience advantage of being based in-region with our clients. The IT sector is closing on being 10 percent of India’s GDP; as an employer and world force for innovation, India has limitless potential, and Park Place will play an active role in that growth,” added Adams.

Located within a half-hour drive to the Hyderabad International Airport, the office is located next to Microsoft, Google and SalesForce. Park Place’s investment in India will provide regional clients with access to industry-leading IT services, including next-gen hardware maintenance for storage, servers and networking hardware, a suite of automated tools and managed services and a superior customer experience underpinned by our First-Time Fix Guarantee.

“Hyderabad has emerged as the most dynamic city in terms of embracing technology for economic growth and attracted large tech giants and e-commerce players, with less traffic for the people to commute from one place to other. Hyderabad is a city with a promising future for IT growth,” Adams said.


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