Slack extends data residency across India

Rahul Sharma, Country Manager, India, Slack

For enterprise messaging platform Slack, India is a very exciting and promising market. India is in top 10 markets and is the third largest free user base for Slack globally. Further expanding the investment in the region, the company has announced data residency for Slack in India.

Many Indian companies have embraced Slack as their digital HQ, including Zomato, Meesho, Razorpay, Freecharge and Dreamsports. With this announcement, Slack customers now have the choice of storing their data in India.

Rahul Sharma, Country Manager, India, Slack said, “We’re proud to announce that we’ve extended Slack data residency across India. Data residency for Slack makes it easier for customers to comply with corporate or regulatory standards. It  allows customers to choose India  as a region where their data is stored, for Plus and Enterprise Grid plans. It is a significant investment in infrastructure, security and people to manage the physical infrastructure. This is important for regulated industries like healthcare, financial services etc.  and is also significant for businesses that want to keep their data within the country.”

Slack was acquired by US cloud-based software firm Salesforce in a $27.7 billion deal in 2021.

Speaking at the virtual launch of India Frontiers research, Matt Loop, Head of APAC, Slack shared recent growth of the Slack business in APAC. He mentioned, “Slack became part of the Salesforce family 15 months ago.  It has been a year and a quarter since then, and we’re confident that together, we can really help and partner with organizations to unlock value and seize the opportunities that are amongst us. During this time of change, slacks acted as the fully integrated engagement layer across the full customer 360 portfolio of applications that Salesforce offers.  We’ve seen the tremendous amount of productivity gains, through bringing all applications, all people, all knowledge into one central hub Slack  Digital HQ.”


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