SonicWall unviels new cybersecurity management platform-Sonic platform


In recent months, SonicWall reinforced its ongoing commitment to its valued partners and extended its cybersecurity portfolio to include managed security services and cloud edge security solutions that are tailor-made for MSPs (Managed Service Providers) and MSSPs (Managed Security Service Providers).

SonicWall and its new solutions, together with its new cybersecurity management platform  were unveiled at the RSA Conference 2024 in San Francisco, California, USA in the first week of May 2024.

“An unwavering commitment to SonicWall partners and customers around the globe is, and will continue to be, SonicWall’s priority,” said SonicWall CEO and President Bob VanKirk. “It’s encouraging to experience the remarkable momentum sweeping across our business – It starts with taking an outside in approach and executing on that insight. As a result, SonicWall is proud to demonstrate its updated capabilities and introduce the SonicPlatform, all of which are a direct result of feedback from our partners.”

Commenting on the occasion Debasish Mukherjee, Vice President, Regional Sales, Asia Pacific Japan at SonicWall said “Being a 100% partner driven company we honor and acknowledge the outstanding achievements of our partners and distributors not just in the Asia Pacific Japan region but across the globe. SonicPlatform has been developed to support their relentless dedication to delivering top-notch cybersecurity in today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape. We look forward to achieving greater heights together through this new endevour.”

SonicWall Partner Momentum
SonicWall’s business momentum is fueled by growth in its partner community – with key new partner wins over the last three quarters as part of a growing trend.

SonicWall’s commitment to providing meaningful initiatives to its partners is paying dividends. Within the last 6-months SonicWall has offered:

New Customer Deal Registration: Partners can receive additional discounts for a qualified new customer.

Tier Match +1: For a limited time, SonicWall will beat the loyalty status partners currently hold with a competing firewall manufacturer. Eligible partners can have their SonicWall partner account matched to the closest equivalent tier, plus one for 180 days.

Exclusive Partner Support: In addition to flexible subscription pricing, SonicWall offers exclusive technical support in addition to its Service Provider Plan. This offering allows partners priority access to tier two subject matter experts (SMEs) across the SonicWall portfolio – all with an exceptional response time.

These and other partner initiatives have led to a 42% increase in partner growth year-over-year, with 63% of new partners transacting within the same quarter they onboarded. Additionally, partners in the Service Provider Program increased 91% year-over-year.

SonicWall is proud to introduce SonicPlatform, an innovative management platform designed to unify SonicWall products into a single integrated interface. SonicPlatform is not only focused on streamlining management tasks; it also delivers deep product integration that enables the sharing of contextual information across all enforcement points.

SonicPlatform is built to deliver on a vision of a comprehensive, intuitive, and unified management that greatly simplifies the oversight of both cloud-based and on-premises infrastructures. SonicWall has added numerous security and networking solutions, including endpoint security, wireless access, cloud email security and threat intelligence, along with its recent additions of security service edge (SSE), zero trust network access (ZTNA) and managed security services, such as managed detection and response (MDR). With the platform’s unified backend for threat visibility and simplified workflows, partners will have a highly coherent end-to-end solution.

This platform is especially beneficial for MSPs and MSSPs, enabling them to efficiently manage multiple client environments, automate key tasks, reduce operational costs, enhance service delivery, and garner valuable insights—all through a single, user-friendly interface.

SonicPlatform serves as a centralized hub for managing all client resources, with key features such as:

Unified Console: A single, intuitive interface for managing all clients and their resources.

Unified System Health Visibility: Comprehensive insights into the health and performance of clients’ products – including maintenance needs.

Enhanced Security Management: Advanced capabilities for detecting and mitigating threats.

Expanded Inventory Management: Efficient management of clients’ resources, including appliances, subscriptions, and licenses, across on-premises and cloud environments.

SonicPlatform represents a significant stride towards a more integrated, efficient, and secure management ecosystem for SonicWall’s increasingly diverse suite of security solutions.


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