Tarana inaugurates its new office in Pune and plans to double workforce


Tarana Wireless, Inc., the industry’s performance leader and new category creator in ngFWA, today announced the opening of its new office building in the central business district of Baner in Pune, Maharashtra. Serving as the company’s upgraded hub for R&D, the Tarana team has made a strategic move to establish itself in India for the long-term.

The primary objective of the facility is the development of Tarana’s revolutionary solutions to meet the evolving needs of the wireless broadband industry. With a sharp focus on leveraging India’s top technology talent, the Pune hub will house a team of experienced professionals committed to providing high-quality wireless broadband to bridge the digital divide in India. Tarana intends to have 200 software engineers across multiple experiences and domains, including embedded software, cloud native software, machine learning, product management, and technical support in the next two years.

Speaking of the launch, Sud Verma, Tarana’s VP of Engineering, said, “It is an exciting time for us to be making our presence felt in India. The key components of our platform and innovation are being driven by our team of world class experts in Pune, including our massively scalable cloud-based network management system and key technologies on our current and next generation products.”

Rabin Patra, Co-Founder and Head of Tarana India, added, “We are poised to support the next phase of the internet revolution in India, especially in underserved areas where many still use broadband service that is 5 Mbps or slower. Tarana’s ngFWA technology will significantly reduce the time it takes to deploy high-speed internet to rural and urban communities, and with lower capital and operational costs, as it requires far less infrastructure than fibre solutions. We look forward to seeing internet service providers in India embrace our platform with as much enthusiasm as we have experienced in our current markets.”

Tarana’s employee base currently spans across the United States, India, Mexico, Malaysia, and South Africa with active customer deployments across 10 countries including the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Brazil, Chile, Australia, Puerto Rico, and Ghana. More than 200 global internet service providers have embraced Tarana’s G1 platform since its launch in late 2021.


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