Tech Mahindra collaborates with ASKA to create the Best Drive-and-Fly experience


Tech Mahindra, a leading provider of digital transformation, consulting and business re-engineering services, announced that it has collaborated with ASKA, a drive and fly company that offers consumers a new generation commuter vehicle by combining the convenience of an automobile, with the safety, ease and efficiency of VTOL (Vertical Take-off And Landing) and STOL (Short Take Off and Landing) flight, to create the best drive-and-fly experience. The collaboration aims to solve the worldwide problem of traffic congestion and improve people’s quality of life with the world’s first viable drive & fly eVTOL (Electric drive & fly Vertical Take-off and Landing).

This collaboration will leverage Tech Mahindra’s extensive expertise in the engineering space that comes with decades of experience of working with top aerospace and automotive customers. Further, through this engagement, Tech Mahindra will support ASKA in the areas of design, analysis, development of composites and advanced materials, crash dynamics (automotive and aerospace), battery and structural testing.

Guy Kaplinsky, Co-founder and CEO of ASKA, said, “We are confident that our engagement with Tech Mahindra will boost ASKA’s development, testing and certification process to meet ASKA™’s commercialization target for 2026. Tech Mahindra’s aim to deliver tomorrow’s experiences today, solidly supports our mission to solve the worldwide problem of traffic congestion and improve people’s quality of life.”

ASKATM is a 4-seater electric flying vehicle that can drive like a car and take off vertically to fly efficiently like an aircraft with a maximum flight range of 250 miles on a single charge. It is also equipped with a range extender engine that charges the batteries during flight. The collaboration will accelerate the eVTOL’s development, testing and certification and thereby escalate its commercialization by 2026, making it scalable to solve the problem of traffic congestion.

Lakshmanan Chidambaram, President – Enterprise Americas, Tech Mahindra, said, “The development of drive-and-fly vehicles is an emerging area of innovation globally, which can play a great role in creating best travel experience with minimal infrastructure investment and low environmental impacts. We look forward to creating synergies with ASKATM by working on the engineering design and analysis of fly and drive eVTOL, and thereby delivering tomorrow’s experience today, which forms the core objective of our NXT.NOWTM strategy.”


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