TELUS International inaugurates TELUS Digitisation Campus in India


TELUS International launched its TELUS Digitisation Campus in India. This new campus addresses the growing demand for global technology implementation and optimisation in global markets while providing the company’s employees with state-of-the-art infrastructure and amenities to help them perform at their best and deliver innovative, AI-fuelled digital solutions to clients.

As part of its global growth strategy, TELUS International has continually invested in its workforce, infrastructure and technology capabilities to stay ahead of evolving market demands and emerging trends. The launch of the TELUS Digitisation Campus in India underscores the company’s dedication to fostering innovation, empowering talent and driving digital transformation for its clients around the world.

“At TELUS International, we believe in the power of innovation to drive business success, and our team’s expertise, amplified by the collaborative spirit of our TELUS Digitisation Campus model, positions us to continue delivering incremental value to our clients worldwide,” said Arshad Majeed, Regional Vice President of Service Delivery, TELUS International Digital Solutions. “Our experts design, build and deliver end-to-end customer experiences, and they are passionate about customising solutions that deliver tangible business results for our clients with faster turnaround times to reduce costs that meet changing market dynamics.”

TELUS International India operates three sites across Noida and Bengaluru with more than 6,000 customer experience experts, technology professionals and developers with extensive mastery of digital technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, and big data to automate tasks, personalise experiences, and gather valuable customer insights.

The company’s first TELUS Digitisation Campus was established in Guatemala in 2022, and the two facilities will operate in lock-step to enhance the ideation process, maximise productivity and foster collaboration.

“India’s robust talent pool and thriving technology industry make it a perfect location for our second TELUS Digitisation Campus,” said Monty Hamilton, Senior Vice President, TELUS International. “With proven success in Central America, where our team members continue to deliver a broad portfolio of digital and AI solutions to global clients, this new campus builds upon our existing operations in India. We’re confident our TELUS Digitisation Campus in India will become yet another springboard for developing next-generation solutions for our global clients.”


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