Trend Micro launches TrendSetter Channel Rewards Program in India


Trend Micro has announced its new channel incentive and reward programme in India. TrendSetter reward is designed to help resellers grow their business with Trend Micro, while offering reseller representatives the opportunity to earn personal rewards. The reward programme is a year-long programme, which concludes on June 03, 2019. TrendSetter Channel Rewards Program allows Trend Micro channel representatives to earn reward dollars on a personalised Virtual Visa Prepaid card for every eligible sale. This incentive programme aims to encourage its existing channel partners and the broader channel community to work together and grow with Trend Micro. In India, Trend Micro has two Platinum partners, eight Gold partners and the rest are Silver and Bronze partners. Whereas, in the SMB business, there are 2,200 partners.

To join in Trend Micro’s rewards programme, channel representatives need to register for TrendSetter Rewards program, transact eligible new product sales to net new customers and earn rewards for every deal. Once channel representatives are registered for the programme, they will receive their personalieed reloadable prepaid TrendSetter Visa card to start turning claims into rewards. Trend Micro channel representatives can earn up to US$ 2,000 per deal.

The Trend Micro TrendSetter Rewards Program is open to all Trend Micro Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze partners.

Tom Cheeran, Head – Channel Business, Trend Micro India, “We are excited to announce the TrendSetter Rewards Program for our channel representatives. TrendSetter Program rewards and recognises our hard working and successful channel representatives. Our channel is at the very heart of our business and this latest reward programme is designed to help them further grow their business with Trend Micro. TrendSetter Program would be a great opportunity to maximise the rewards for our channels representatives.”


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