Trend Micro secures BRAC bank against advanced threats across networks and endpoints


Trend Micro is now providing a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity solutions to BRAC Bank Ltd, Bangladesh’s leading bank for small and medium-sized businesses. Consisting of Trend Micro Apex One, Trend Micro Deep Discovery Inspector and Trend Micro Deep Discovery Analyzer, the deployment provides BRAC Bank with automatic shielding from vulnerabilities, malware, and ransomware attacks. It also helps the bank with real-time threat monitoring and protection, elevated security posture for endpoints and networks.

With banking sector being a top target for cyberattacks, BRAC Bank primarily needed an all-inclusive solution which would protect them against advanced persistent threats such as malware infections, targeted attacks, zero-day, vulnerability exploits, and low-level phishing via email, SMS, and website. As a result of the deployment of Trend Micro’s solutions, BRAC Bank Ltd has been able to get 360-degree visibility into the threat landscape. Advanced capabilities such as high-fidelity machine learning, behavioral analysis, exploit protection, file reputation, ransomware variant protection, intrusion prevention, command and control (C&C) blocking, browser exploit protection, application whitelisting, web reputation, and sandbox integration provided complete protection against threats.

“Cybersecurity is a top priority at BRAC Bank Trend Micro’s security solutions has protected us against advanced malware and ransomware, as well as against new unknown variants as they emerge. The product’s investigative capabilities are extremely advanced and give us a holistic view of endpoints and networks across the organization,” said B. M. Zahid ul Haque, Head of Information Security, BRAC Bank Ltd.
“As the threat landscape continues to evolve and cybercriminals employ increasingly sophisticated techniques, we need a solution that can also grow and improve our defense against advanced threats and targeted attacks. Trend Micro’s track record of continuous innovation, its laser focus on next-gen endpoint security, and its unmatched standards convinced us that Trend Micro was the right solution for us,” he further added.
Vijendra Katiyar, Director – Enterprise Business, India & SAARC, Trend Micro said, “Given the rapid digital transformation that the banking sector has faced in the last few years, BRAC Bank Ltd realized the importance of implementing Trend Micro’s robust security solution for its networks and endpoints. Trend Micro Deep Discovery addresses advanced persistent threats and provides a comprehensive solution to detect, analyze, adapt, and respond to targeted attacks. The shared threat intelligence feature ingests advanced threat intelligence or indicators of compromise (IoCs) from threat feeds and custom inputs. It also identified malicious communications, and attacker activities that escape standard security defences, enabling BRAC Bank Ltd to block unknown threats.”


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