Umbrella Infocare Bets Big On Increasing Enterprises’ Efficiency

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Gurprit Singh, Managing Partner and Co-Founder at Umbrella Infocare, in an interaction with CRN India shares how the company has grown from strength to strength – building a robust team and offices across Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, and Mumbai.

How is the company helping big enterprises in increasing efficiencies and quickly scaling up business through customised, technology-driven solutions?
Set up in 2013, Umbrella Infocare helps organisations achieve speed at scale by helping them in their cloud journey. The company started helping companies adopt cloud, at a point when there was a gap in the market for companies who were looking to move to cloud and partner networks did not have the capability to help them. As a process, in the last five years, the company has added various lines of cloud businesses, catering to its customers’ changing requirements. Umbrella Infocare, thus, started with providing migration services to its customers, moved to cloud managed services, and today it is helping large organisations in their journey of cloud analytics, automation/DevOps and modernising their applications to effectively take advantage of the cloud.

We provide managed services to customers and help them automate, so they can focus on business, rather than managing their cloud environment. This will improve their efficiency and ease their worries. Secondly, businesses are growing and customers are looking to build IT infrastructure that can scale to their needs. We help organisations design, develop and deploy highly scalable IT infrastructure to meet their current and future needs. Thirdly, organisations want to optimise their cost. We feel that optimisation is a journey, not a one-time project. So, we continuously engage with the customer to optimise their costs, and we have seen that by using the right tool, having a highly scalable and elastic architecture, continuous monitoring, we have been able to achieve up to 30-40 per cent cost optimisation for our customers. They save on resources and spend them more efficiently somewhere else.

What are the solutions that the company has customised for big enterprises like Kent RO, Panasonic, Dr Lal Path Labs and others?
As an AWS Advance Consulting, Managed Services and DevOps Competency partner, we have helped more than 200 organisations innovate using cloud transformation. We have also helped them achieve a higher level of agility, operational efficiency and cost optimisation. Some of our services include building cloud native application, achieving higher automation using DevOps principles, and using cloud analytics to bring data closer to decision makers.

What are the ways in which cloud can be integrated with allied fields like data mining and analysis to map relevant business information for the clients?
Data mining and data analytics were not picked up because they were very expensive, and it took a lot of effort to build a data warehouse within an organisation. Cloud has made data mining and warehousing available to all. With cloud, you can pay on usage, set it up fast, and there is no need to buy server or licenses. Data mining is now available as a service on cloud, so you can simply use it. Even smaller enterprises can afford it.

Umbrella Infocare is also venturing into DevOps, cloud analytics, machine learning, and cloud security.

Please shed light on the growth of cloud computing market in India and its impact on business RoI
The growth is tremendous, but I feel that we have seen only the tip of the iceberg. Enterprises in the last two years have only tested cloud by putting some workloads there, but the feedback which we have received is quite positive. So, in the next three years, we will see more growth as enterprises start shifting larger amount of workload to the cloud.

What is the roadmap for the future?
We see more than double growth, both in terms of people and turnover; every year for another five years. We are also going to expand to the southern part of the country, and look for markets outside India to export our cloud services.


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