Vertiv introduces Liebert S600 UPS for critical edge and data centre applications


Vertiv has introduced Liebert S600, an efficient and robust uninterruptible power supply system (UPS) for critical edge and data centre applications. The fully digital, double conversion UPS distributes clean and consistent power for critical electronic equipment. The Liebert S600 has a unity power factor for increased available power, operates at an efficiency of more than 91%, and offers high reliability with the inbuilt isolation transformer. This UPS is ideal for deployments in edge networks, data centres, server farms, workstations, telecom and other critical applications. In India, the Liebert S600 UPS is now available in 10 kVA and 20 kVA capacities, and in both configurations of three phase input with single phase output and three phase input with three phase output.
In order to address power dynamic demands, data centres at the edge need to be equipped with more than basic power protection. Downtime is a major concern, there is a need for a robust, reliable UPS system, which offers round-the-clock protection to diverse applications. The Liebert S600 offers a rugged transformer-based UPS, with high efficiency and unity power factor.

Offering the best-in-class efficiency of up to 91% over a broad range of load conditions, the Liebert S600 leads to significant operating cost savings. The Liebert S600 features energy-saving integrated ‘Smart Sleep’ technology in ECO mode, providing a superlative efficiency of up to 94%. Key features of the product include longer backup time, settable battery options, and paralleling options of up to 4 UPS. It also includes a built-in ethernet and a Modbus communication option. The Liebert S600 is compatible with various Li-ion battery technologies and is an ideal solution for data centres, edge networks and small office networks.

“Vertiv is constantly developing new technologies to ensure that we offer the best solutions to our customers and support their critical facilities. The Liebert S600 UPS addresses the growing needs of our customers with critical edge deployments,” said Gopakumar Ambujakshan, senior director, product management, Vertiv India.


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