VouchPro enhances virtual customer experience with artificial intelligence (AI)


VouchPro integrates artificial intelligence (AI) to improve virtual attendee experience for events hosted on the VouchPro platform. The company has been putting in significant effort to level up and deliver a better client experience through the use of powerful AI tools.

VouchPro helps to develop an effective structure of virtual communication between organizers, brands, and customers during an online event in order to improve interactions between them. It incorporates vital AI tools that assist clients in navigating the virtual platform with the help of built-in intelligence. Based on the data inputs, suggestions are provided by bots to improve the first-hand user experience.

Elaborating about the development, Anubhav Bajpai, Founder, and CEO of, VouchPro said, “In today’s environment, the power of AI to transform digital experiences is extremely evident and essential. VouchPro aspires to provide a highly customized client service in terms of virtual events. We are focusing on using AI to create a tailored experience and looking forward to transforming the virtual events space. We are confident that a significant number of AI-powered products will provide us with the ability to improve consumer engagement and experience. Even facial expressions are being tracked with the help of artificial intelligence”.

VouchPro consistently invests in innovation in terms of artificial intelligence offerings, machine learning, aiming to aid customers with a better understanding and exceptional virtual experience. The primary motivation for implementing Artificial Intelligence is to provide customers with tailored customer experiences adjusted to their needs and requirements. Along with that, the use of AI also helps to provide better analytics and insights to the event organizers as well.


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