We will work to provide cost-effective and transparent solutions to the Indian market: Vansh Agrawal, CEO, ServerSupply.in

Vansh Agrawal

A true IT solution provider is one who builds solution according to the needs of the organization, understands the market well and keeps on evolving. In a conversation with CRN, Vansh Agrawal, CEO, ServerSupply.in, speaks about how the company is trying to stay relevant in the market and provide cost-effective solutions while understanding the need of the customers. Some edited excerpts…

Q. Tell us about your journey as an IT solution provider?
My journey as an IT solution provider has really been exciting. It has been a great learning, experience, and a treasure house of knowledge gained from this ever-growing industry. The adaptiveness, entrepreneurship, skills, capabilities, and professionalism all put together has laid a path for me towards this great journey that I have completed. We started last year with a small team of only 5 people but within a year, we have increased our headcount to 35 people. We have extremely talented people in all parts of our business, be it procurement, IT, Sales or marketing.

Q. Can you describe your current business operations and how has been its growth in the recent times?
The current business is going tremendously well. We are serving some of the IT giants like Dell, HPE, Lenovo, Qlogic, Broadcom, IBM, and Huawei. We provide a full range of servers, storage, and networking products for the specific needs. Our 24/7 support offers convenient and customizable solutions for managing the IT assets. We, at ServerSupply.in, also decommission existing equipment to accommodate new installations while providing the positive return on investment and detailed documentation.
The staff and the rest of the aspects are put in the right place with much meticulous pre-planning. From the beginning and until today, we can see our growth graph moving up. The growth during recent times demanded a major scalability in terms of the support process. Going forward, we are looking to achieve more challenging milestones. We are India’s first ever amalgamated portal which provides the solution to all the snags and hurdles of the IT sector.

Q. What are the major projects you have worked on or are currently working on?We have completed a couple of projects recently and the one we are working on currently is for Singapore based MNC who has this ambitious plan of setting up a really big data center driven by few latest AI techniques, which is also a part of our IP. We have successfully completed our first milestone and proud of achieving it much before the committed deadline.

Q. How do you constantly innovate to stay relevant in the business market?
We have divided our innovation goals into three primary streams i.e. vendor Intelligence, customers’ happiness, and market satisfaction. We have dedicated our focus and investment in each of these areas. For us, all these three are important. Without any one of them, I believe, staying relevant would not be an easy task.

Q. What opportunities do you see in the new technology areas like IoT and Artificial Intelligence among others which can open a window of opportunity for the solution providers?
The humungous opportunities that exist in IOT and AI or machine learning arena are big chunks waiting to be explored and up for grabs. Also, machine learning and deep learning come up with huge opportunities. The growth of a solution provider depends on the technology to a great extent. It also needs a lot of specialized computational resources which obviously is possible with the correct knowledge of what exactly the need of the hour is.

Q. What are your future plans?
Being one of the younger CEO and the entrepreneur in this sector has boosted my confidence to excel and spread my tentacles towards worldwide supply, service, and solution providing in the IT sector. I completely trust my innovative capabilities and analytical skill. I am confident that this will surely help me in achieving my dreams of being one of the blue-chip companies. Apart from that, we will also shift our focus to the global market. We will try our best to reach to the global market. We will work to provide cost-effective and transparent solutions to the Indian market and work hard to emerge as a market leader among high scale solution providers.


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