The year 2022 must bring robust security solutions for working of remote employees

Pankaj Jain, CEO, Panzer IT

Pankaj Jain, CEO, Panzer IT, one of the leading security solution providers tells CRN India about the company’s learnings and plans for 2022

What are some of the technologies that will change the dialogue in 2022?

Work From Home (WFH) is new normal, rather better terminology is Work from Anywhere (WFA). Today, management wants centralised reports on each task. IT need to deliver all these things with maximum ease for users and best possible security. Hence, the year 2022, must bring robust solutions for working of remote employees, BYOD, team coordination, task delegation, business intelligence – multiple things from single dashboard.

WFA employees connect to companies’ network to access mails, documents, common resources, servers etc. and at times via public wi-fi, unsecure hotspots and broadband connections. With highly sophisticated ransomware around such scenario is nightmare for IT security team. So in coming years we will also see robust security solutions for such scenarios, which would take care of Malwares, Backup, Employee Monitoring, Data Leak Prevention, simple to use VPN etc.  Panzer IT is fortunate to have ventured in this area long back. Today, we provide complete security solutions from DLP, VAPT, Backup, DR, Anti Malware, Employee Monitoring, Data Discovery to secure remote support solutions.

  • What are the key growth engines of your company?

Core of growth of Panzer IT is bonding of employees. We have freedom to work from anywhere, anytime. And that has improved our productivity a lot. This also increased overall satisfaction with work and life. These elements also helped us to learn new technologies and have helped us build up strong relationship with clients, resellers and OEMs too. Our growth of current financial year is over 300%, which also proves that core values of Panzer IT are helping our customers in right direction.

How are you strengthening your partnership, be it with OEMs and partners?

Good OEMs are as important as having right partners. Both require good relationships, commitments, payment support, tech support and overall understanding. To our partners we provide best possible margins with prompt assistance from opening to closing; from understanding requirement, suggesting solution, demo, POC to installation and closure – wherever partners require our involvement, we provide that.

We help partners to win every lead they bring. At the same time, we make sure to provide ethical business to OEMs. Every OEM has different business processes and resources. Having spent two decades in managing international business, that’s still a learning with every new OEM but still we are quite comfortable with managing them.

In fact, unlike few OEM, who just need targets to be completed, we have OEMs who need correct business processes, ethical business, right marketing and branding along with target-based business. And same goes with partners too; now partners don’t want just good margin, they also want best solution, support and happy client. We take client’s feedback very seriously and immediately work on every issue to resolve at the earliest.

What to look for beyond 2022. How are you preparing your company for new opportunities?  

We believe Work from Anywhere is the new normal and this will continue. Online meetings, shared data, shared IT resources, cloud computing, VMs will be very common with users. Along with this Ransomware and new type of malware will also hit the organizations as well as individuals. This will bring the requirements for centralised management and new age IT Security solutions.

Also, Government of India is planning to bring act to protect personal data in the line of GDPR. Indian act will be known as Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). The act is very comprehensive, robust with higher penalties against defaulters. This will ensure to safeguard personal data of employees and clients with organizations. To compliance with PDPA every SMB and large organizations will have to implement Data Leak Prevention, Data Discovery and Classification. Reserve Bank of India has already instructed all banks to ensure proper data leak prevention. Along with this VAPT is inevitable for every organization. Most of Ransomware attack weak networks, with proper vulnerability assessment and penetration testing such attacks can be avoided and save lot of money, reputation and overall business.

In nutshell we will continue to focus on IT Security with our expertise and solutions like Somansa: Data Leak Prevention, Falcongaze: Employee Monitoring, Emsisoft: Anti Malware, Vembu: Backup & Disaster Recovery, GDATA: Endpoint Security, Acronis: Data Backup, SecPoint: VAPT, Varonis: Risk Management & Insider Threat Protection and Netop: Secure Remote Access.


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