We have adopted a digital first approach: Sunny Sharma, CEO, Foetron


Sunny Sharma, CEO, Foetron shares insights into the company’s business operations that are centered around the cloud and how they are helping the customers as cloud evangelists.

Q. Briefly tell us about your journey as an IT solutions provider?
Our vision is to be a Cloud and Mobile center for excellence in the world. We believe that mobile is the inflection point to drive the consumption of technology wherein a robust and scalable cloud service will drive this change. At Foetron, we are entirely focused on deploying cloud services in a manner that combines best of the advanced technologies in scalable manner while integrating it effectively with the value of investment. We work closely with Microsoft to power Messaging, Collaboration, Unified communication, Analytics and mobile integrations for businesses.

Q. What are the best practices that should be followed by a solutions provider to become one of the leaders in the industry?
We believe the best practices can be summarized around 3S, viz; Scale, Speed and Skill. These 3S have become altogether more important in today’s paradigm. Hence, our focus is on getting them in place within our organisation. The way we are doing this is by:

p Focusing on outcomes: With this approach, we are able to identify what more can we do to bring more speed. In today’s time, it is absolutely important to make a business impact which has to be a joint responsibility of the partner and business which is taking your recommendations/solutions.

p Transforming the touchpoints: We have a core team of computer engineers doing marketing, sales and services. Everyone is a Cloud Evangelist at Foetron and there is no other role. This way all our efforts are more coherent as the basic level of skill such as understanding of technical jargons exists. Our work is to ensure that our Cloud Evangelists are keeping up with the changing landscape of cloud technology.

p Drive consumption: We are investing heavily on leveraging digital to build up scale. One of our such project is Foetron Cloud Academy with which we aim to help, not only the working professionals to understand the nitty gritty of cloud but also, the young college graduates to get the basic overview of what is cloud.

Our success mantra is adopting a ‘Digital first approach’. We have been investing heavily on digital channels to reach out to our potential customers, drive consumption with projects like Foetron Cloud Academy and resolve their technical issues digitally with our very own Foetron Cloud Support portal cloud.foetron.com

Q. Could you tell us about your key areas of expertise?
We presently have 35,000+ active users of our Cloud services. More than 150+ digital modules have been developed for adoption, and we have transformed 450+ businesses in the country.

We have our HQ at Gurgaon (Delhi-NCR). We rely on collaboration to take our services to the entire country. Our business operations are completely around cloud thus, we cater to all kind of needs starting from Cloud consulting, Cloud deployment to cloud technical issues to Cloud’s effective adoption in an organization.

Our customers are spread across the country. Though, our focus is on SMBs in the country, we have customers from different sectors, industries and sizes. Our customers are primarily from Real Estate, Travel, DotCom firms, Logistics and ITes.

Q. What have been some of your major achievements / projects in the last couple of years?
We took a leap with a tech-savvy travel company. As they started leveraging cloud for most of their services, ensuring security of enterprise data became a serious concern. Therefore, we deployed another cloud service to ensure that any unsolicited access to their previously deployed services is restricted, in totality. It has now brought them to the level wherein their primary and secondary ecosystem is entirely running on Cloud.

For a law firm, Information Rights management was deployed on cloud. It was a remarkable feat for our team because of two reasons. First, we were able to open up a law firm to leverage cloud for protecting their IP. Second, we helped in creating a robust information protection mechanism. For an IT services company, we transformed the marketing division of a services company using analytics & BI best practices.


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