‘Average ad fraud rate to reach 45-55% in post-Covid India’


With companies doubling their digital advertising spends amid Covid-19, ad frauds are projected to go up in the range of 45-55 per cent compared to the present industry average of 25-35 per cent, said a new report on Tuesday.

Ad frauds on digital mediums can range from fake clicks or false impressions.

Organisations that have been pushed to “digital jump-start” are vulnerable to ad-fraud, potentially risking losing more than half of their ad spends to ad fraud, said “The Ad-Fraud Report” by the market research firm techARC.

“Digital marketing has graduated to essentials for every type of organisation as an outcome of Covid-19 pandemic. It is no longer just an outreach channel but a fully operational business medium,” Faisal Kawoosa, Founder & Chief Analyst, techARC, said in a statement.

This report is based on the trends derived from the internal data analysis of digital fraud detection and elimination platform mFilterIt, as well as secondary and primary research conducted by techARC.

“Advertisers need to use the right tools which are designed for Performance Marketing rather than using the traditional age-old tools meant for impressions and brand campaigns,” said Dhiraj Gupta, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder, mFilterIt.



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