Multiverse Computing Partners with Tech Mahindra to Set Global Enterprises on Path to Quantum Solutions


Multiverse Computing, a global leader in value-based quantum computing solutions, announces a new partnership to deliver its cutting-edge quantum computing software to Tech Mahindra’s global customers. Tech Mahindra is a leading provider of digital transformation, consulting, and business engineering services and solutions.

With this partnership, Tech Mahindra and Multiverse Computing will jointly develop a go-to-market strategy to serve global customers across sectors including finance, healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, and government. The partnership will facilitate co-innovation and joint development in the quantum field and enhance the understanding of the technology by sharing pitch books and collaterals with end-customers.

In addition to strengthening Tech Mahindra’s global footprint, the partnership will also enhance its expertise in AI and quantum computing. Tech Mahindra has a global presence with expertise in infrastructure, cloud services, augmented reality, and virtual reality. The organisation specialises in digital transformation and a business process improvement platform called NXT.NOW.

“Tech Mahindra understands the challenges that customers in every sector are facing, and they see the potential and new opportunities that quantum computing brings,” said Enrique Lizaso Olmos, CEO and co-founder of Multiverse Computing. “We will combine their technical and customer knowledge with our quantum software expertise to solve difficult business problems.”

Tech Mahindra has a global network of Makers Labs with a different deep-tech focus for each location. The lab in Dallas, Texas focuses on AI and AR/VR while the location in Ipswich, UK, studies quantum computing and networks. Tech Mahindra also has an internal quantum team and recently published a white paper on quantum computing and supply chain management.

Nikhil Malhotra, Global Head – Makers Lab, Tech Mahindra, said, “The new era of computing is algorithmic. Quantum computing is no longer a far-off dream. Quantum-inspired algorithms are now helping AI to perform and optimise better. Our partnership with Multiverse Computing stands on the same principle. While Multiverse Computing brings with itself the depth of algorithmic computing, Tech Mahindra’s Makers Lab brings with it the fundamental and translation research of applying the same to businesses and their problems.”

The collaboration will primarily focus on quantum and quantum-inspired computing for Tech Mahindra’s clients in finance, healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, and government. Multiverse Computing will work with the Tech Mahindra sales team to demonstrate how Singularity can be customised and implemented for their customers.

Multiverse’s Singularity is an industrial quantum and quantum-inspired software platform focused on solving real-world challenges for large enterprises. Among other features, Singularity’s user interface incorporates tools such as Microsoft Excel plug-ins that allow use of the platform’s core algorithms without prior knowledge of quantum computing. Singularity is hardware agnostic and will run on the platform that is best for the particular use case. Manufacturing, finance and risk management companies have used Singularity to improve defect detection, build high-performance investment portfolios and strengthen cybersecurity defenses.


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