Tech-based startup driveBuddyAI ties up with US-based Roadzen


Tech-based startup in the automotive segment, ‘driveBuddyAI’ (DBAI) has announced that they have entered into a strategic partnership with US-based insurtech company Roadzen for securing a strategic funding from the latter.

Roadzen will support the startup’s funding needs, business collaborations, and opportunity exploration, the startup said in a statement. The partnership with Roadzen is aimed at positioning DBAI in the global list of Visual Telematics in the insurtech domain.

The funds will be primarily utilised for team expansion in the domain of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), embedded software and dardware and cloud computing domains.

Talking about their strategic partnership, Rohan Malhotra, CEO of Roadzen, said: “We’re excited about our investment and the opportunity for drivebuddyAI. The world is heading towards a data driven, decision-making process and DBAI with its AI technology, is positioned to target the future of autonomy, claims processing and risk assessment for global markets.”



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