TAIT educates members on GST E-Way Bill in a knowledge series


The Trade Association of Information Technology (TAIT), organised an interactive knowledge series on the GST E-Way Bill. The session was conducted by the Deputy Commissioner for GST, Gajanan Khanare. The session saw enthusiastic participation by members who asked series of questions to clarify their doubts about the soon to be implemented E-Way bill.

The E-Way bill set to be implemented from the 25th May 2018 requires traders to mention the invoice value and details of vehicle etc. for goods being transported across the country.

Gajanan Khanare in his session informed, “We have been conducting these training sessions since January for the benefit of the traders and the transport community. Our aim is to facilitate efficient adaptation of new policies and help the stakeholders understand the benefits and methods to smoothly adapt and grow amidst the transition. We are looking to achieve this within 3 months of implementation of the E-Way Bill which will be in effect from 25th May 2018. This is a good initiative by TAIT as it provides us with a platform to reach out to a wider set of traders in one go, while the members get an opportunity to have an open one on one session and seek clarifications to their queries”

The session on GST was followed by a deeply motivational and insightful session on the meaning of Success in both personal and professional lives, by Swami Chaitanya Lila Das of the ISKCON movement. The session was very well received by the members who also asked several questions after the talk.

Rushab Shah of Graham Information Systems showcased its ZEUS range of smart entertainment and communication products under the Launchpad Pro platform.

Krupashankar Chaube, President, TAIT added, “Through this initiative, we at TAIT are committed to support member partners grow and help them promote their offerings. We have now also made provisions for partners to promote the brands and products which they represent as distributors and not just limit to their in-house brand. This, we believe will be beneficial to a wider set of members as most of them fall into this category.”



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