Raksha Technologies helps RBI to address Continuous Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation


Continuous Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation is an ongoing problem which if unattended opens the Pandora’s Box in the cybersecurity landscape. Cyberattack containment becomes very difficult if the vulnerabilities is not remediated in the client digital assets. RBI, a leading bank which has over 3200 branches across India was facing the issue and was looking for a solution.

Since the branches of the bank are spread across the geography, connectivity issues prevail and updates and software distribution has to be done in a specific manner so that day to day operations continues in a seamless fashion. Raksha Technologies understood the criticality and framed a solution for the Continuous Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation. It suggested and implemented an Endpoint and Server Lifecycle Management Solution from a leading brand. The solution provided is a market leader in terms of breadth of coverage, speed, automation and cost effectiveness, providing comprehensive OS and third-party application patches. The solution, which includes deploying a single multipurpose, lightweight intelligent agent to all endpoints. An effective endpoint security and management platform can meet all these goals as it simplifies management processes, enhances endpoint control and provide a centralised view with a single, easy-to-use graphical user interface.

Raksha Technologies initiated few customisations in the tool and the endpoints grouping based on location. To update the patches for the larger group in the bank, Raksha Technologies designed a relevance condition for the concern endpoint, so that it can reduce the time taken for each location accordingly. Also, created throttling for bandwidth consumption to reduce business impact and by processing this we were able to achieve in low bandwidth at the speed of 512 Kbps.

RBI has 11 categories for endpoint patching to be met on RBI compliance audit. Banks that are failing to meet the RBI compliance will end up paying penalty. However, now with timely patch deployment the banks was able to meet the compliance100 per cent and able to meet the banking standards. Prior to Raksha Technologies’ solution deployment, the bank used to send an individual agent to the respective location for patch deployment and this has been completely stopped after the successful deployment of BigFix.

Also, another significant reason is to validate the report generated by each individual for respective location on patch management and that also has been stopped as now the report is directly from the server. Whenever, the bank purchases a new software product and wants to deploy in all endpoints, it ends up paying a huge money for the software vendor. However, post the BigFix installation, the bank was able to deploy all the required software through Raksha Technology’s software distribution and save immense amount of time and money.

Meeting the RBI compliance every quarter was their biggest challenge irrespective of assigning multiple agents to respective locations for collecting the details of the assets / patching took five days for 65 per cent of completion. Wherein, after the installation of the solution, they were able to complete the above in two days for 90 per cent, and this made them achieve the RBI compliance with a single resource and has given good RoI.


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