SAS & CSM Technologies enable Government of Odisha to Combat the COVID-19 Pandemic with Analytics


SAS, a global leader in analytics, works with government organizations across the globe to respond to COVID-19’s unique challenges by putting data to work and supporting evidence based policy making & governance.

SAS India, along with its partner CSM Technologies has associated with the Government of Odisha for its COVID-19 Dashboard project. The dynamic data visualization dashboard offers the most recent statistics on Odisha’s COVID-19 performance across several KPIs through interactive charts, graphs, diagrams and much more. It has drill-down capabilities to depict the status, location, demographics, spread and trend analysis of cases at the most granular level across the state.

In addition to such rich visualization capabilities, the platform also supports advanced analytical and modelling tools that have helped the Government of Odisha to plan for the future. This includes estimating the infection risk profile and susceptible population of geographic regions. Collaborating closely with the government authorities, a medical infrastructure simulation was also done by analyzing the data on the number of patients, potential increase of the disease, and existing bed capacities & ventilator readiness at district levels. These insights have been enabling the state to strategically allocate funds and resources to the districts basis their requirements including increasing bed capacities and providing additional medical personnel

The collaborative effort between SAS & CSM has also helped the government with simulation analysis, which provides insights on the impact of the different lockdown situations as well as migrant influx on the infection rate, thereby assessing the best- and worst-case scenarios. The Government of Odisha has shown digital leadership in factoring such simulation output to decide on extent of lockdown and achieve balance of public safety & economic activity

“Odisha is pushing the frontiers of digital transformation by investing in emerging technologies such as big data and advanced analytics. We looked at COVID-19 as an opportunity to leverage data to take proactive decisions and remain one step ahead in our war against the pandemic. And that marked the genesis of the Odisha COVID-19 dashboard which is accepted today as the single version of truth for citizens and administrators alike,” said Manoj Kumar Mishra, Secretary, Electronics & Information Technology Department, Government of Odisha

“The key to containing the COVID-19 pandemic is to harness and analyse related data and offer actionable insights. By offering SAS COVID-19 Outbreak Management Solution to the Government of Odisha, we reiterate our commitment to help governments and organizations globally to help save lives and contain the pandemic by leveraging the power of analytics” said ­­­Noshin Kagalwalla, VP & Managing Director, SAS India.

“The success of data analytics largely depends on the quality of data captured across user journeys. We have effectively leveraged the SAS platform to integrate, clean and harmonize data, and produce state of the art visualizations and modelling for prudent data interpretation”, said Priyadarshi Nanu Pany, CEO & Founder, CSM Technologies.


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