“Data centers are backbone of the new normal internet era”


In an exclusive interaction with CRN, Khalid Wani,  Senior Director- Sales, India, Western Digital talks about need for data center, infrastructure and data management.

  • Tell us about the need for data center in current times & the Importance of enterprise storage among the growing need of data center’s

With almost everything shifting to digital platforms, we are amidst a massive deluge of data creations and consumption. IDC estimates that the amount of data created by endpoints, the edge, and the core will reach 143 zettabytes by 2024, which means 143 trillion GigaByte (GB) of data. Data cannot thrive without a robust storage ecosystem. With the rising volume of data in India due to the digitalization wave, increasing smartphones, 5G adoption, IoT devices, gaming boom, etc, The need for data centers is at an all-time high as they need a reliable backend digital infrastructure in the form of data centers to meet consumer demand.

Any organization, from small start-ups to giant businesses, requires data storage. While a firm may start with a single IT storage solution, as it expands, that system’s capabilities may quickly outpace them, prompting management to reevaluate their strategy to manage and access data. This is especially true and challenging when it comes to enterprise data storage. When a firm grows to the level of an enterprise, the data storage solutions in place may no longer be sufficient to handle greater volume demands. Many firms have an on-premises data solution, but they may need to shift specific resources to a colocation center to improve capacity or provide disaster recovery redundancy. Corporations, over-the-top (OTT) players, cloud service providers, and global offshore centers all require a solid backend digital infrastructure in the form of data centers to fulfill customer demand as the volume of data rises. Data centers are considered the “backbone of the new normal internet era.”

  • What are your observations in terms of storage technology that has been adopted by large enterprises post the pandemic?

With enterprises moving towards data center storage amid digital consumption, technological advancements would require addressing problem areas like the speed of data accessing, data backup and recovery, etc. Our NVMe-oF and software-defined provide the means to bring the siloes together and enable businesses to tackle many of the competitive challenges they face.

CIO and CTOs are looking forward to technology upgrades that replace an aging data center infrastructure with innovative technologies which will reduce cost and increase efficiency dramatically by better performance and less risk of loss of data. Our Patented technologies like ArcticFlow improve cooling and reliability, reduce energy consumption, and deliver real cost savings. IsoVibe acts as a suspension for the drives providing isolation from the vibration transmitted from one drive to another, leading to a 62% reduction in the drive field return rate.

  • Understanding the global chip crisis, what do you say on the major supply chain problem? Also do you think this will last beyond 2022?

As technology progressed, semiconductor chips spread from computers and automobiles to toothbrushes and tumble dryers — they now lurk beneath the hood of an astonishing number of products. The Digital Transformation wave due to the pandemic has increased demand for digital devices, leading to increased demand for semiconductors and disruption of its global supply chain. Industry and the Government are constantly trying to solve global supply chain problems. The Government’s recent announcement of a ₹76,000 crore package announced in December is one such example to overcome the issue. We are optimistic that with the collaborated industry and government effort to strengthen the ecosystem, we will have a better situation in 2022.

  • How do you think Semiconductors help power technology? Is the semiconductor shortage getting better?

Semiconductors, such as memory chips from the foundation, are required for any venture into developing technology. From AI-powered smartphones to the adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, and the automotive industry, semiconductors have left no stone unturned. Semiconductors, often known as chips, are used to power technology that improves people’s lives and helps businesses function smarter, quicker, and more efficiently.

Today, India’s semiconductor demand stands at around $24 billion and will reach $100 billion by 2025. The government efforts via PLI schemes, corporate ramping up investment, and improving the pandemic caused disruption contributes to the betterment of semiconductor shortage.

  • What are the Latest/innovative technologies that help reduce data center costs to enterprises

Zoned Namespaces (ZNS) SSDs are new generation SSDs pivotal in the evolution of data-centric architectures as we enter the zettabyte age. ZNS helps to solve storage problems for cloud, analytics, AI, and machine learning. The Ultrastar® DC ZN540 ZNS NVMe SSD is augmenting next-generation storage and system architectures’ evolution by delivering higher throughput, better service quality, and lowering the total system cost of ownership at scale.

Software-Defined Storage is an emerging solution that allows decoupling storage and the software by moving the ‘command and control’ element of storage away from the hardware and into a software-based service management interface. It further helps to upgrade the IT infrastructure for better performance at a reduced cost offering flexibility and scalability to enterprises.

  • How is Western Digital addressing the evolving needs of infrastructure and data management?

As humanity seeks to innovate and forge stronger connections between us all, data is at the core of that innovation. As a leading data storage solutions provider, Western Digital creates environments for data to thrive and help inspire the next generation of game-changers and innovators. From the invention of the first hard drive to recent advancements in 3D NAND, its innovation journey continues to inspire those who dare to think big about the possibilities of data.

At Western Digital, our top priority is to enable consumers and professionals to master their digital lives from anywhere in the world. We have always addressed the ever-changing market needs by providing a complete portfolio of compelling, high-quality storage solutions with customer-focused innovation, high efficiency, flexibility, and speed. Our range of SSDs is thoughtfully calibrated solutions that feature high-performance NVMe technology to ensure full-throttle power.


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